Top 6 AI Writing Tools Affiliate Program In 2023 (Earn High Commission)

Are you looking for the best AI writing tools affiliate programs in 2023? then you have landed in the right place.

AI Writing software is acquiring the content writing world nowadays and it’s a great chance to join and earn from AI writing software through official affiliate programs provided by the top 6 AI writing software

Let’s deep dive into the Affiliate programs provided by Top 6 AI writing Software. If you read the whole article then you will find more informative content with opportunities to earn lots of money.

1) Anyword Affiliate Program

Anyword is AI-based content writing software with interesting offers for its affiliate partners. If you are looking for a high-paying affiliate program then the Anyword affiliate program is the best option for you. 

What is the Anyword Affiliate Program?

New users that want to register with Anyword will provide free access to all templates and material for a specific period. You have to register for their affiliate program and you can provide free service to your referrals. You will get paid when someone from your affiliate network or someone who visited gets converted into an Anyword customer. 

How much can one earn using an Anyword Affiliate?

Anyword affiliate program is different from all the other programs listed here and they have a choice to adopt for you as an affiliate marketer. You can choose between recurring revenue shares and CPA.

Anyword offers a 40% recurring commission to every affiliate partner for each sale through their links. This will help you to make money until your affiliate referrals stay with Anyword.

CPA will share the total payment done the first time from that client to the affiliate marketing if you choose CPA as the referral mode. But you will get this amount one time and you will not get any benefits if that customer remains with Anyword for a longer period. 

How to sign up for the Anyword Affiliate Program?

  • Visit Anyword Affiliate Program link to sign up and become an affiliate partner of Anyword.
  • Click on Apply to be a Partner Tab. 
  • Film out the details like name, email, website or any profile URL, company name, and passwords to sign up.
  • You have to agree there are some terms and conditions so it’s better to read them out before clicking on sign up.
  • Now you have created the affiliate account successfully and you can use your affiliate link to refer to your community and earn money!

2) Jasper AI Affiliate Program (Best AI Writing Tool)

Jasper AI is an AI-based article-writing tool working on the latest technologies and has top ratings from content creators. Jasper AI is GPT-3 based content creating or writing software. 

What is the Jasper AI Affiliate Program?

ai writing tools affiliate program

Like normal affiliate programs, the Jasper AI affiliate program also provides the same feature to promote its web-based content generation software. The benefit of new users joining from affiliate links is that you offer a free trial of Jasper AI to them.

New users will get the benefit of a free trial for up to 5 days. New users can generate 1000 words in a free trial period and that provides a high chance of conversion from free to paying customers. Once they start paying then affiliate marketers will get commissions.

How much can one earn using Jasper AI Affiliate?

Jasper AI Affiliate programs don’t have any restrictions on referring and affiliate earning. You can earn unlimited money from this affiliate program. Jasper AI Affiliate program has No capping and provides a 30% recurring commission on every purchase of Jasper plans.

Calculation of Earning through Jasper AI Affiliate Program

On the basic calculation of monthly basis plans, On a single purchase of starter plan affiliate marketer will get $8.70 on a recurring basis, and on purchase of Boss Mode plan he or she will get $17.70 commission on a recurring basis.

Most users will purchase annual plans and according to the price paid, you will get 30% of the total amount of commission. If we consider it then on the annual purchase of the starter plan and boss mode plan affiliate marketer will get $86.40 and $176.4 commission on a recurring basis.

How to sign up for Jasper AI Affiliate Program?

If you are a content creator or influencer or entrepreneur then you can get a chance to join the Jasper AI affiliate program. Jasper AI Affiliate program sign-up process is simple and you can do it on your own by just following some easy steps.

  • Click on the Jasper AI Affiliate Program link. You will be on the Official Page of the Jasper AI Affiliate Program.
  • Provide your details like email, name, websites, country, and social links so their teams can analyze your works and profiles.
  • Fill out the captcha form and click on the SignUp option. 
  • Your application is submitted successfully and you will get a reply from the Jasper AI Affiliate program team regarding confirmation or rejection usually in 3 to 4 days.

3) Copy AI affiliate program 

Copy AI is AI-based copywriting software that helps to generate reader-friendly engaging content using natural language processing 

What is the Copy AI Affiliate Program?

Copy AI also provides promotion benefits for all its promoters and this is done through the Copy AI affiliate plan. Most affiliate marketing programs never provide large percentage commissions but copy AI provides 45% commission on the first purchase. Still, they want to promote their services all over the world so they want to add more customers through affiliate marketers and that’s why they have high commission rates.

How much can one earn using a Copy AI Affiliate?

Copy AI also doesn’t have limitations of earning up to the first 12 months and during this period they provide 45% commission on the first purchase. Not mentioned on their sites but maybe they have Affiliate program limitations up to 120 referrals only.

Calculation of Earning through Copy AI Affiliate Program

Copy AI comes with a single plan. It’s easy to calculate their 45% commission on monthly and yearly basis plans. But the issue comes when they have 40% discount offers on their plans then the 45% commission will be calculated on the price that comes after the 40% discount is applied.

That means if someone subscribed to a monthly basis plan then the affiliate marketer will get $22 on monthly basis but if someone purchased the same plan with an already 40% applied discount then the affiliate marketer will get $13 on monthly basis as commission. Similarly on the Annual plan and annual plan with a discount affiliate marketers will get $189 and $113 commission.

How to sign up for the Copy AI Affiliate Program?

You can start earning money by promoting services of Copy AI software through their affiliate program and simple to join program. Here are some simple steps to join the Copy AI affiliate program.

  • Visit the Copy AI Affiliate Program link to join the program.
  • Click on Apply To Be A Partner option given at the start of the page. You might get the option to continue so click on continue to the new address.
  • Click on Start, Enter some details like Full Name, email, website, or any social media profile link where you are an influencer.
  • In the next tab, you have to submit where you want to promote their software. What kind of audience do you want to target through your campaign for copy AI and what audience base do you have to provide.
  • After that, your application will be submitted and you can now register using the continue button mentioned below.
  • Just Register on the Copy AI site by providing some details and click on sign up. 
  • You will get a reply from the copy AI affiliate team in 4 to 5 days.

4) Rytr Affiliate Program

Rytr is the artificial intelligence natural language processing based GPT-3 Technology used tool for content writing. Rytr works with More than 30 languages all over the world. Rytr has some special features like 18 plus tones for writing and multiple use cases for different kinds of writing.

What is the Rytr Affiliate Program?

Like other affiliate platforms, Rytr provides money for promoting to purchase of their ai based writing software. You can earn plenty of money from this affiliate program because most of the people are aware about Rytr software and you just have to change their mind to purchase them.

Rytr affiliate program provides payout within 30 days of payout and the minimum affiliate payment value is 100$ according to their policies.

How much can one earn using a Rytr Affiliate?

Rytr provides affiliate programs to influencers, bloggers, and marketers. But they have policies like you can’t promote them through paid advertisements. Rytr gives a 30% commission on a recurring basis to their affiliate marketers. Important about the Affiliate program is that this commission is on a recurring basis and it’s for a lifetime.

Calculation of Earning through Rytr Affiliate Program

Rytr provides a 30% commission on every plan and it’s on a recurring basis. So for a single sale of a saver plan, the affiliate marketer will get $2.7 and for an Unlimited plan, he or she will get $8.7 on a monthly basis. 

How to sign up for the Rytr Affiliate Program?

  • Click on the Rytr Affiliate Program link to continue with the signup process.
  • You can log in or sign up using your Facebook, Google id, or LinkedIn id also.
  • In the account section, you can find the affiliate tab. Click on it to proceed.
  • Click on Join the Program Tab.
  • On the next page, fill out the information like First and Last name, email, and password to sign up with the affiliate program.
  • Confirm your email through the provided link.
  • Create a wise account for payouts and Hurrah! You are successfully signed up for the Rytr affiliate program.

5) Writesonic Affiliate Program

Writesonic is the AI-based Open AI’s powerful tool with GPT-3 Language version to generate content with easier readability.

What is the Writesonic Affiliate Program?

Writesonic already promoted its tool through youtube and google advertisements so it’s easier for all affiliate partners to just make clients more attractive to Writesonic and convert them. Their affiliate team provides you better support for everything in affiliate marketing as a partner of theirs. 

The best part to promoting the Writesonic affiliate program is that they have an unlimited period of free trial without any credit card details so mostly you can grab your affiliate clients easily by promoting this fact. 

How much can one earn using a Writesonic Affiliate?

Writesonic provides a 30% commission for every joining through your affiliate links and this is a recurring basis commission. That means if you will refer someone to a Writesonic plan with pricing of $99 per month then you will get $29.7 every month whenever that person renews the plan.

How to sign up for the Writesonic Affiliate Program?

  • Visit the Writesonic Affiliate Program link to sign up for affiliate programs.
  • Click on the Join the Program for Free button mentioned below on the page scroll.
  • Provide essential details like name, email, and password to sign up with them.
  • Its process is almost the same as rytr. Just confirm your email and provide a PayPal address for the payment in further tabs.
  • You have successfully enrolled in an affiliate program from Writesonic. 

AI taking over the world of content writers and people are searching for the best AI-Based content writing tools. It’s an opportunity to sell some AI-based content writing tools through affiliate marketing and earn money. It’s not that much of a competitive field and you might get early success here.

6) Article Forge AI Affiliate Program

Article Forge is an AI writer that researches, plans, and writes entire long-form SEO-optimized articles in one click. Article Forge doesn’t use the GPT-3. Instead, the tool uses multiple custom-trained deep learning models, which deliver full-length factually correct, relevant posts.

What is the Article Forge AI Affiliate Program? 

The Article Forge AI Affiliate Program is a great way for affiliate marketers to earn revenue. The company offers a 25% recurring commission for life to affiliates. The program is professionally managed and affiliates get access to the dashboard with stats (clicks, sales, payout), as well as an affiliate library with the marketing material. 

In addition, users get 10,000 free words with the 5-day free trial that affiliate marketers can use to attract sign-ups. 

Since Article Forge is not based on GPT-3 it makes it different and attractive to review. The company is open to collaborations on case studies and “how-to-write content with Article Forge” guides. 

How Much Can One Earn Using Article Forge AI Affiliate? 

Article Forge affiliate program doesn’t have any restrictions for earnings and an affiliate earns a commission on every paid plan purchased by a referred user.

There is also a 30-day cooking window, which means if a user doesn’t purchase right away but returns to buy within 30 days, the commission will be credited to the affiliate.

Calculation of Earning Through Article Forge Affiliate Program 

An Article Forge affiliate earns a 25% recurring commission for life. This means an affiliate gets his commission for as long as the user renews the plan.

The annual plan costs $127/mo if paid annually (500,000 words). This will get you $381 in commission (25% out of $1524). The cheapest plan is $13/mo (25,000 words) and the affiliate marketer will earn $39 (25% out of $156).

How to Sign up for the Article Forge Affiliate Program? 

  • Sign up here: 
  • Go through a quick questionnaire about your promo methods 
  • Enter your PayPal address to receive payments
  • Your application will be reviewed and you’ll receive a Welcome Email with instructions about how to get started, your affiliate link, and all necessary marketing material.

If you need to contact the Article Forge affiliate team before signing up, you can contact them at [email protected].


These are the top AI writing tools affiliate programs in 2023. All of them provide commission on a recurring basis and have very high earning potential for affiliate marketers.

If you are looking for the best AI writing tools affiliate program then I highly recommend you to join the Jasper AI affiliate program. It offers a 30% recurring commission on all the plans.

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