ShortlyAI Lifetime Deal, Promo Code, Discount In 2023

Are you looking for the ShortlyAI lifetime deal 2023? Then you have landed in the right place.

AI-based content generation and copywriting tools are capturing the content writing market due to their professional and unique content writing skills. Somewhat close to replacing the human content writers also.

So we decided to write this article about ShortlyAI to introduce you to ShortlyAI, its features, pricing with Plans. Also, some commands to make your task much easier. 

ShortlyAI is a copywriting tool. If you want to try it free then stay with our article for further details.

ShortlyAI Lifetime Deal 2023

Well, you probably know that AppSumo is the biggest platform to grab lifetime deals of software.

Most of the AI writing assistant tools offer AppSumo lifetime deal, but unfortunately, there is no lifetime deal for ShortlyAI.

You have to purchase this AI tool in monthly or annual billing. In the annual plan, you will get 2 months of free access to ShortlyAI.

What is ShortlyAI?

shortlyai lifetime deal

Every content writer faces the problem of rearranging and formatting their articles. To overcome the problem of formatting and to focus on creating great content we have the solution of ShortlyAI as a copywriting tool.

ShortyAI is one of the leading content generator software based on advanced AI GPT-3 Technology. GPT-3 AI is OpenAI’s latest technology mostly used in generating something according to provided details.

ShortlyAI saves our time for writing and rearranging the article format. We just have to put our ideas and keywords to generate short copies, ideas as well as long content also.

ShortlyAI have 3 different commands to copyright content. We can expand, rewrite or shorten our articles or content with help of ShortlyAI according to our requirements. That means you have 3 options of articles instead of a single article.

ShortlyAI and Jasper AI 

ShortlyAI was founded in August 2020 by medical student Qasim Munye as a side hustle. But after some days it became his main work due to huge success.

Jasper is also an AI writing tool. As Jasper and ShortlyAI both have the same path and future so Jasper has acquired ShortlyAI.

Key Features of ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI allows you to get rid of writer’s block. You can take advantage of this tool and quickly create blog posts. 

Plans and Pricing

ShortlyAI comes with 2 option plans. The Annual plan can save your money while short-term users they have a monthly basis plan also.

You don’t have any limitations of word generation in both plans. 

Minimal Interface

ShortlyAI offers a minimal interface without any distraction.

To enhance the writing experience, ShortlyAI focused on minimalism. In simple steps, you can generate your content.

A simplistic interface with content generation options that can be understood by beginners also is available in ShortlyAI.

Generate without templates

You can generate all types of content without choosing a specific template in ShortlyAI.

It is possible only because of the commands in ShortlyAI. You can take advantage of this tool by learning command styles used in shortlyAI through the following link. 

Free Trial without Credit Card

ShortlyAI doesn’t require Credit Card details to claim a free trial. Users can register using simple steps. After signing up users will get 4 free runs.

Limitless and Creditless Generation

All other AI-based content generation tools have some credits and indirectly have some limits on content generation. But ShortlyAI provides you with limitless word generation in all plans.

ShortlyAI Plans and Pricing

shortlyai lifetime deal

ShortlyAI comes with an Annual Plan and Monthly Plan.

ShortlyAI offers these two plans without any limitation. In some content writing tools, we saw that there are credit system and word generation limitations.

But as GPT-3 AI comment generation is beginning evolution in this field so it generates junk content also. ShortlyAI Offers unlimited generation in both plans for enhancing your experience. 

1) Annual Plan

In the Annual Plan, users have to pay bills on an annual basis.

The annual Plan will cost around $65 per month. If we compare this pricing with the Monthly Plan then we will get approximately 2 months free when we bill annually.

2) Monthly Plan

Beginners who don’t have that much amount to invest in an Annual plan can go with this Monthly Plan. Monthly plans can also be canceled anytime. The monthly Plan costs around $79 per month. 

The best feature with both plans is that you can cancel your subscription at any time during this period. As we already saw that everything is limitless in these plans, you will get all unlocked commands in both plans.

ShortlyAI Commands

Here are some basic shortcut commands to use while using ShortlyAI for a better experience. 

/instruct[instruction] – In instruction, you can write some details about your article and after pressing the ctrl+Enter key, ShortlyAI will generate content as per instruction for your article. 

You don’t require any template for generating something different like emails, marketing content, introduction, outlines, or whatever you want. Just put your requirement in the [instructions] and you will get your required content. 

Every time whenever you generate content through commands then it will generate different content. 

/shorten[text]– You have a limit of 200 characters to enter and shortlyAI will return a concise version of the same if we use this command.

/rewrite[text]– Usually we find plagiarism in our content and we want to rewrite our content in different manners. This command helps to rewrite our content uniquely with some expansion and changes.

/expand[text]– It’s also a refining command. If we want large content on the same topic then we will use the expand command.

ShortlyAI Free Trial

You will get to try it now as an option on the ShortlyAI site but people are not sure about whether they are providing a free trial or not?

Let me make it clear, ShortlyAI offers a free trial for all users.

ShortlyAI users don’t require any Credit Card for claiming the free trial. The free trial period includes 4 free trial runs. This means users can generate 4 articles after signing in to shortlyAI for the first time. 

How to get ShortlyAI Free Trial?

Here are the following steps to claim the free trial from ShortlyAI.

Step 1: Visit the Free Trial Offer Link.

Step 2: Enter Your Email address in Your Email box. Click on Try it Now for proceeding further.

Step 3: You will be reached on the Sign Up Page. Here you can sign up through your Facebook, Apple ID, or Email also. 

Step 4: We will sign up by email. Fill in all the details like First Name, Last Name, Email, Password. Passwords have some character restrictions. Passwords must be of at least 8 characters.

Step 5: Click On Sign Up to proceed further. You will get instructions on the next page. Read all those instructions and click on Got it, next!

Step 6: Welcome page will arrive in front of you. Proceed through the clicking button given at the bottom.

Step 7: Choose the writing option from 2 options on your screen. Here you will get an article/blog and a story as options. Choose any of them. 

Step 8: Click on the start writing option. Take help with the commands and instructions mentioned on the right corner of your screen. Enjoy Your Free Trial of shortlyAI.

FAQs on ShortlyAI Lifetime Deal, Discount

Here I’ve listed some popular frequently asked questions related to ShortlyAI.

What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is OpenAI’s GPT-3 based AI copywriting software. ShortlyAI is used for Content generation.

Does ShortlyAI provide a Free Trial?

Yes, ShortlyAI provides a free trial offer for all users. 

What is the Free Trial Period of ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI offers a free trial with 4 runs. They don’t have credits so they provided 4 free runs in a free trial option for new users.

Does ShortlyAI Free Trial require credit Card Details?

No, you can take advantage of ShortlyAI free trial offer without providing any credit card details. They don’t ask you for Credit Card details until you go to purchase Premium plans.

Can I replace content writers with ShortlyAI?

Not yet now. AI content generation platforms are not developed in that way though they are able to replace content writers. Human beings can write according to all emotions and requirements specificity while AI is not taken on that level till now.

Are there any Good alternatives to ShortlyAI?

There are a number of alternatives of shortlyAI as a content generator. The parent company of ShortlyAI, Jasper is the best alternative for copywriting content.

Writesonic and Rytr, like popular AI-based content generator software, are also the best and most affordable alternatives of ShortlyAI.

How to generate the best article through ShortlyAI?

One rule is common for all AI article generation tools and that is to provide more to get perfect! Whatever data you provide with more specific details than your generated article through ShortlyAI also will be best with details.


Generating unique and plagiarism-free content is the main aim of ShortlyAI. In a generic content generation, ShortlyAI is working superbly without mistakes but whenever technical stuff comes then as like other AI Content generators it also sucks! 

Regarding its costing and pricing, ShortlyAI has affordable plans according to all the features they provide. They don’t mention limits on their content generation but to avoid bots traffic they put some daily limits. 

For beginners as well as pro-level content creators, ShortlyAI is the best option to generate articles with Uniqueness. 

Before investing in premium plans just try their free trial without credit card details. If you are satisfied then go for a premium purchase!

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