Review 2023 – The Ultimate AI Writing Assistant Tool?

Are you looking for a genuine review from a real user? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

In this detailed review, you will get to learn everything about Peppertype ai tool including the features, pricing, benefits, pros, and cons of this AI writing assistant.

Generative Pre-trained Transformers 3 (GPT-3) is the latest technology used by lots of content writing tools. These AI-based content writing tools started with this technology but not all deserve the same kind of respect for generating content. So choosing the best among them is literally a harder task. is one of the best AI writing tools currently available in the market. It provides some extraordinary features than other competitors. So, let’s dig into it…

What is review

Writing different types of content like blog posts, social media posts, copywriting, SEO-based content, E-commerce website content and marketing strategies are getting easier with the use of is a tool based on artificial Intelligence and GPT-3 technology for making our content writing tasks easier. It is used for generating high-quality content. is easy to use because of its simplistic UI.

AI is helping all content creators to generate content faster than usual. The most important factors affecting generating content are readability, simplicity, and attractivity.

Users get engaged with the article if your content generation tool uses some deep learning technologies in generating content. uses the Generative Pre Trained transformers 3 technology for it. works on pre-trained modules of AI and  ML. According to the documentation provided on the website, they trained their modules with more than 100K+ content. That means while generating the new articles it takes the reference from all those older content learning.

Interesting features of

Let us have a look at the features of Peppertype ai and find out what makes this tool different from others.

1) Super simple interface

Using for generating content is as easy as using social media applications on your devices.

Its interface is simplistic and smooth enough with guidance pop-ups. So it provides the desired direction to all new users.

The dashboard is clean enough and the user can find his required template easily due to color and icons.

2) Lots of templates available

Generating content from different kinds of sides is difficult with the use of a single algorithm and hence or any other content writing tool provides the tools or templates based on different algorithms for different works.

Here are some of the popular and mostly used templates provided by

Copywriting templates by Peppertype:

  • AIDA
  • PAS
  • Before After Bridge
  • Value Proposition
  • Feature to Benefit

Templates for SEO and Content:

  • Blog Intro
  • Blog outline
  • Blog conclusion
  • Blog heading expander
  • Content expander
  • Meta description
  • Content rewriter
  • Compelling bullet points
  • Engaging questions

Similarly, there are many templates for social media content, ad copy, eCommerce, marketing, and much more.

3) Easy to manage team works has the option of team analytics. Users can view the progress of their teammates through this analytics. That’s why it’s easy to maintain the management between teams.

Users can create the team workspace with different names of teammates. Switching between the user’s workspace is also simple here.

4) Latest update on the What’s New section provides all the latest updates about the website and tools on the What’s New section of the website.

Newly launched features are also introduced here and beta testers will get access to all those features. Users can demand the tools on the What’s New page under the “Feature Requests” section. provides information about the usage of newly launched tools in the What’s New section.

5) Advanced content filters

The annotation feature enables users to highlight the keywords occasion and promotion with some additional provided parameters in different colors.

This highlighting feature provides more detail about our content and also has some sort of grammar check and plagiarism checks with such highlights.

6) Special added features every month adds all features that are requested by users on a monthly basis. In the previous period, added features like Customer Review Response, First to Third Party Converter, and an interesting personal bio. Free Trial offers a free trial plan for all newly joining users. Those who join from the link provided in this article will get the 10,000 words limit to generate content.

It’s a free trial of with all features unlocked. Users can try with some limitations of words but it’s sufficient to get an idea about its features.

Earn Free Reward Credits:

If you are using the free plan from then you might run out of words after some period. But don’t worry we have some options to earn the rewards and use them for generating more content.

Under the user’s section, there is an option to earn rewards. Users can earn rewards in the following ways:

  • Inviting others
  • Joining Facebook community
  • Writing a review for on platforms like G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot
  • Scheduling 1 to 1 Training call with them

You can do all these tasks and earn the limit of 100,000 words.

How to use for content writing?

Generating some content through different tools on is almost similar. So we are going to share the process to generate blogging topic Ideas through in steps.

Step 1: Choose Content Tool

A number of tools are available on the website and you can choose the required one according to your needs. Multiple tools are available with niches like email marketing, sales copy, social media marketing, blogging, and e-commerce websites. 

Here I have selected the ‘Blog Ideas’ tool from here so we can generate the ideas for blog topics.

Step 2: Provide Input for AI

Whatever tool you have chosen you should have to provide some details for AI to generate better content according to your provided information. 

As we have selected the Blog Ideas tool so we required the product or brand name and some description of our brand or product. The brand name is simple to share but what to provide in the product description is the biggest question from new users. You should provide the details about your niche here with some targeting keywords that you want to focus on. 

One technical expert will always suggest to you that you should feed the AI like a 10 years old baby so you will get the best result. To provide the description with some keywords and a detailed explanation about your niche for a better generation from 

According to your chosen tool, you will get different options at the end. Here we are getting the Create Blog Ideas button, so I will click on it after completing the above details.

Step 3: View and Save with editing

The tool will generate lots of ideas for us according to our brand name and product description. We have a list of ideas for blogging from best to good sorting. Nothing is bad here but it shows some small traffic ideas at the end while the latest and viral ideas are at the top of the list.

Generated ideas will be in front of you and you have 3 different options to do them. Let’s start with them one by one,

There are separate cards for each generated content and after clicking on that card you can edit the content from there. Nothing is perfect in the AI world as it’s in the development stage only.

You can copy the edited content with the copy tab provided on each card. You can do it in any plan.

If you want to save your generated copies on your dashboard then you have to click on the save tab on the card. It will store the edited result on your profile.

There is an option for exporting the saved result as a CSV file in Growth Plan from Users can export the generated content in the form of a CSV sheet by clicking on the ‘Download All’ option.

Step 4: Not Satisfied then generate more

If you are not satisfied with the generated content in the first trial then at the last of the cards list you will get the “Create More Blog Ideas” option. 

You will be redirected to the page where you have already provided the description, if you want to make some changes there then you can directly proceed by clicking on “Create”.

This step will generate more ideas in our chosen tool. 

Step 5: View Saved Copies

On the homepage of the dashboard, we have the option to view all saved copies. In the navigation bar, there is an option for Saved Copies. Select this option to view all saved copies from the past also.

Plans and Pricing of

Peppertype ai comes in three premium plans. Let’s have a look at the features and pricing of each plan.

1) Starter Plan

Starter Plan is made for individuals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small teams. Those who want to generate a limited amount of content then they can go with a starter plan.

The starter plan has some basic features as follows:

  • 50,000 words per seat
  • Add team members
  • Advanced Parameters
  • All 20+ content types and early access to new features
  • Request us the content type
  • Active customer care support

Users can customize the starter plan with the number of seats varying from 1 to 20 users seats according to requirements. 

Single user seat starter plan will cost around $35 per month. That means this plan will start from $420 on yearly basis. But if you choose billing on a yearly basis then you will get a 20% discount on plans. So the Starter Plan with a Single user seat on yearly billing will be at $300 only.

With each increasing seat, the pricing of the plan gets added to pricing for the single seat plan.

2) Growth Plan

The growth plan is specially made for professionals, marketing teams and agencies, and startups. Those who want to generate maximum content on a monthly basis can go with a Growth plan.

Growth Pan has some Advanced Features as follows:

  • 50,000 words per seat
  • Add team members
  • Advanced Parameters
  • All 20+ content types and early access to new features
  • Request us the content type
  • Active customer care support
  • Collaborate and share results
  • Access Control
  • Download results

The growth plan has 5 basic user seats already added and users can add 1 seat to 15 more seats in it. That means we have the option to get 5 to 20 seats with an increment of a single seat. 

The growth plan comes with the pricing of $200 per month with 5 user seats. It will cost around $2400 on a yearly basis. But if you choose the yearly basis payment mode then you will get a 20% discount on pricing. Hence the Growth Plan pricing on annual billing is $1980 only.

Adding a single user with an already existing user number will add $30 in older pricing.

3) Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is made for those who want some extra features of limitless content generation which is not available in both the older plans. An enterprise plan is useful for all the marketplaces, aggregators, and enterprises on a large scale.

Enterprise Plan has some extraordinary features as follows:

  • Unlimited Content Generation
  • Add team members
  • Customized AI-trained Model
  • Brand Voice and Other Parameters add on
  • Custom widgets and integrations
  • Bulk content generation
  • Human quality check
  • Exclusive Grammar and Plagiarism check

The price of the Enterprise plan is not mentioned on the official website of You have to contact customer care support for claiming this plan. Affiliate Program

Recently started their affiliate program named Peppertype Partner Program.

According to this program, partners will get a 40% commission on a lifetime basis while the newly registered user will get 10,000 words of content generation for free. Lifetime Deal review

Latest Update: Peppertype ai lifetime deal is ended now! offers lifetime deals through the AppSumo website. Users can claim this deal from the AppSumo website link provided below. 

Let’s have look at the features of provided in the lifetime deal:

  • Users can view the complete history of content generation.
  • Analytics of the generated content will be provided on the dashboard.
  • All tools provided by are accessible from this lifetime deal plan also.
  • Created separate tier plan in lifetime deal offers according to users’ requirements.
  • Unlimited Content generation option provided with less pricing

3 Tier Plan from AppSumo with

1) License Tier 1 –

It’s just similar to the starter plan from 1 user is allowed in the Tier 1 Plan. Users can generate 7,500 words on a monthly basis. This plan has limitations. Users can generate the 7,500 words length long-form content every month.

2) License Tier 2 –

It’s similar to the Growth Plan from but has some extra features. 5 users can use tier 2 plans at a time. Users can generate unlimited words content every month. There are just limitations of 15,000 long-form content words every month.

3) License Tier 3 –

It’s a high-level plan from AppSumo with all the features are included in this Tier 3 plan with a maximum number of user seats.

20 users can access the same account at a time. Users can generate unlimited content without any limitations of words every month. Have limitations on long-form content of 70,000 words on a monthly basis.

Lifetime Deal Terms & Conditions

  • Activate the plan within 60 days of purchase
  • You can upgrade or downgrade the plan between all 3 Tiers.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • Don’t require any code or stacking process for using
  • Lifetime access to all 3 tiers with accessibility to all newly launched features.

Pros and Cons of

The pros and cons of using Peppertype ai are listed below. You can go through them before you choose this tool.


  • Easy and Simple UI
  • Faster generation than other tools
  • Original and plagiarism-free content
  • Content generated from can be used for commercial usage
  • Long-form content generation
  • Updates on every tool with new trends
  • Unlimited saving space with wishlist and reacting options
  • Technically skilled customer support


  • Limitations in basic plans like Starter Plan and Growth Plan
  • Hit or miss in some cases with plagiarised content
  • Grammatical errors in Starter plans as don’t have access to explicit grammar tools

FAQs on Review

Here, I have tried to collect all the frequently asked questions regarding the review and provided the answer.

What is is an AI Powered content writing tool helping all the writers to develop content faster than usual.

Which technology is used by

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformers 3) is the neural network deep learning-based technology used by to generate the content.

Is the copy generated from original and plagiarism free? generates the content through AI and the generated content is primarily original and plagiarism free. But sometimes in specific hard topics, it may cause some plagiarised content also.

Does provide a free trial?

Yes, provides a free trial for the new users only but has some limitations of only 10,000 words generation.

Does offer any discount on plans?

Well, if you want a discount on purchasing you can use the annual billing system. They offer an instant 20% discount for the annual billing system.


I hope this review gives you a proper overview of the tool. Currently, there are a number of AI writing assistant tools in the market, as a result, it is very difficult to choose any one tool.

Perppertype ai is no doubt one of the best AI writing tools that generate quality output for users.

The only thing I don’t like about this tool is its pricing. Peppertype ai does not have any cheap plan like other AI tools. Its basic plan starts at $35 per month, this pricing may not be affordable for all.

Well, if you can afford this pricing I make sure this tool will not disappoint you. Peppertype ai is trusted by over 10,000 brands and happy customers. 800+ businesses trust them including tech giants like Facebook, Adobe, Amazon, and much more.

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