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If you are searching for a valid Copy ai promo code then you are in the right place. Here in this article, you will get an exclusive coupon to get a 40% discount on this tool.

Copy ai is one of the best content writing and copywriting tools out there. With its powerful AI engine, Copy ai is able to find insights for you in your content, so you can start producing content that your audience actually wants to read.

Copy ai premium plans start at $37 per month for annual billing and this pricing may not be affordable for everyone.

So, we bring a special Copy ai promo code that you can use to get a 40% discount while subscribing to its premium plans.

What is is a popular GPT-3 based AI copywriting and content writing tool. It helps to generate the content automatically. Deep learning has the facilities to generate the content according to earlier understandings. is an efficient and effective content generation tool providing fresh and readable content which can make writers’ work much easier.

Copy AI Promo Code Coupon

All the new users can apply the Copy ai coupon code “STARTCOPY” to get an exclusive 40% discount on the pro plan.

copy ai promo code

Generally, the Copy ai pro plan comes at $420 per year. But if you apply the STARTCOPY coupon code you will get the plan at just $252 per year.

Make sure you use the code as soon as possible before the coupon gets expires.

Exclusive Features of Copy ai

Copy ai is popular for its amazing features and the quality of output. It offers lots of tools for content generation for different purposes.

1) Easy User Interface

There are just simple steps to generate the content through Any new user can use easily through their free trial.

Users have to select a simple template according to their requirements. After selecting templates provide some input to get desired output.

The facility of the image as input is also provided by It will analyze the input image and take the output from it. After clicking on the generate option, generates the 10 different copies within 30 seconds.

2) 90+ Templates

Different types of articles can be generated through different tools available on provides 90 plus different templates to generate various types of content. All tools are modified according to specific requirements.

Here are some specific tools to generate the following types of content:

Digital Ads Copy – Users can create Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ads
Social Media Posts – Instagram Post Captions, Brainstorming Viral Ideas, Youtube scripts
E-commerce Copy – Ecommerce related content like Product names, Descriptions, Review, Microcopies
Blog Related – Bullet point information, FAQ, Descriptive Bullet points
Blog Ideas – Blog Ideas suggestion by considering the trending topics

3) Chrome Extension

You don’t have to keep the app open to write something on emails or in a Google Docs file. Just Install the extension for chrome and then it will assist you in all applications like Gmail and Google Docs to write creatively.

Like other copywriting tools, you don’t have to switch between the windows always because of all the necessary features included in the chrome extension itself.

4) Unique Copy Results

The content generated from tools is 100% unique and you can check its plagiarism. Mostly it’s 100% plagiarism free and the readability score is always high.

Its paragraph framing is also great enough and usually, readers can like this. generates multiple outputs and hence you have the choice to choose the best among them according to your liking.

Spelling and Grammatical mistakes are totally avoided through as they have their own grammar checker and correction tool working all time.

5) Engaging Emails

Users can write engaging emails within a short period from It’s the best tool for email marketers as it saves more than 80% time for users.

We can create the Lifecycle Emails, Event Promotion mails, Nurture Sequences, Follow up emails, Discount sales emails, and Cold Outbound emails through All tools and features provide the best all-in-one tools place for email marketers.

6) Multiple Languages support plan supports 25 plus languages to generate the content. All the world’s top languages are supported through these tools but mostly English content can tackle only writers’ strategies. Other languages’ content copywriting is not that great and has some problems with uniqueness.

7) Facebook Community has its own free Facebook community to discuss all the features. This Facebook community can help all the users to discuss issues and upcoming features to include in copy ai.

8) Blog For Help provides all technical information on their blogs which are helpful for all the marketing agents as well as bloggers. SEO, Professional Digital Marketing, other social media, and email marketing tools and their use-related details are provided through blogs.

9) Free Lifetime Trial provides a free trial for all users. In the first month of the free trial, users will get 30 credits for content generation and after that month users will get 10 credits every month.

Users can try this free plan for a lifetime but through this, we can’t generate enough content. Just as a trial of all the features we can use Free Trial Plan from

The free trial and the pro plan don’t require any credit card to purchase it. That means free trial users can try without any credit card details.

Copy ai Plans & Pricing

Copy ai has only one premium plan. You can purchase the plan with monthly billing and annual billing. By annual billing, you can get 3 months of free access to Copy ai premium plans.

Copy ai Free Trial offers a free plan which can be claimed by any user. The best thing about the free plan is that offers a free trial without any credit card details.

Users will get 10 credits on a monthly basis in a free plan. The free plan offers 20 bonus credits for the first month and after that users will get 10 credits every month.

Free plan users get 25 plus language support in this plan. offers 90 plus copywriting tools and 100% access to tools to users.

Copy ai Pro Plan

Firstly, let’s have a look at the pricing of the Copy ai pro plan:

  • Monthly Billing – $49 per month
  • Annual Billing – $37 per month (3 months free)

Pro is the single plan provided by and this is the most popular among all people. In pro plans, users get Unlimited credit for generating the content. That means users do not have any kind of limitations on the number of projects.

Unlimited projects can be done through the pro plan. Pro plan has access to almost all features of like 25-plus languages-based content generation. totally has 90 plus copywriting tools so we can try all of them.

There is a special blog wizard tool available in the pro plan which helps users with blogging-related content. Users using the Pro plans will get priority-based support from the customer care support team. The all newest features will be provided to Pro plan users.

Customized Plan

Users can take the multiuser customized plan from the as per their requirements. This plan has all the features of a pro plan but as per seats required for bigger companies can create a special customized plan for you and you have to pay for only those features.

Users can contact the contact department of to get this plan.

Pros and Cons of Copy ai

Like all the other AI writing assistant tools, Copy ai also has some pros and cons. Let’s have a quick look at these.


  • AIDA and PAS frameworks are used by
  • UI is really easy to use and anyone non-technical person also can understand it
  • offers a free trial to all users and this trial can be used for a lifetime is the best feature of
  • No Credit card is required for purchasing the Free plan or Pro plan from
  • Pro plan never restricts the users about content generation limitations
  • 25 Plus languages can be accessed through and users can create the unlimited projects through all those languages
  • also provided a Chrome extension for making writers’ tasks much easier


  • Not able to generate the bigger long-form content like blog posts and stories
  • Chat support is provided through the mail and no one will assist you to live
  • Random suggestions every time, so the tone of the language can be changed


We hope you enjoyed our blog about Copy ai. Content marketing is one of the most important things you can do for your business and it’s becoming an increasingly competitive field.

There are so many amazing AI tools out there to help you make your content more engaging and effective. One of the best ones is the Copy ai tool.

If you’re interested in saving some money, you can visit the Copy ai official site and use the promo code STARTCOPY in order to get an instant 40% discount on its premium plan. The code will be valid for a limited time, so please be sure to hurry!

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