WordHero Lifetime Deal (Just $89) – Grab The Deal Before Ends

If you’re a blogger, author, or content creator, you must be familiar with the struggle of writing and editing every word in a blog post or article.

It can be a time-consuming, tedious and frustrating process. That’s where WordHero comes in. Not only is it a powerful tool, but WordHero is also incredibly affordable.

Right now, you can get a WordHero lifetime deal for just $89. This article will show you how easy and affordable it is for you to finally get a content partner.

What is WordHero?

wordhero lifetime deal

WordHero is an AI-based content generation tool. It makes the user’s task faster and much easier with its features. Through Wordhero you can generate high-quality, plagiarism-free, and easily readable meaning full content.

Users get a large collection of tools to generate different types of content on WordHero.

It’s totally AI-based and usually didn’t have any scraped content in the generation. Producing the best quality content within a short span or creating some attractive and converting content is made easier with WordHero.

WordHero Lifetime Deal

wordhero lifetime deal

Purchasing the plans from the official website is a little bit expensive as we have to renew each and every plan after a month or year.

But there is another option to purchase this WordHero plan through AppSumo. It’s a lifetime deal from Appsumo and you have to purchase it only once.

Features in the WordHero lifetime deal

WordHero doesn’t require any renewal on a yearly or monthly basis if you claim this deal. The coupon code will be available for 60 days and you have to redeem it before it.

If users claim the WordHero plan then you will get all the upcoming updates without any stops. Upcoming features like LinkedIn ads and other kinds of ads will be available with the plan.

Some deals from AppSumo are mostly stackable but here you don’t have any limitations for the content generation so the WordHero Lifetime deal is not stackable. 

Appsumo provides the 60 days money-back guarantee as usual provided with all deals. In this lifetime deal user will get money back without any matter and reason before 60 days of purchase.

WordHero Lifetime Deal Cost: Only $89 (One-time payment)

If you check the lifetime deal pricing of WordHero then it will be $2088 for the lifetime. Now you are getting a massive discount on Appsumo on the Lifetime Deal of WordHero.

WordHero Lifetime Deal Details

Here I’ve listed all the important details of the WordHero AppSumo lifetime deal.

  • Users can generate unlimited copies through this plan.
  • The unlimited copies plan is expiring soon and after some days you can’t avail this offer.
  • WordHero has 50 plus writing tools. Users will get access to all those tools and upcoming tools access will be given to Lifetime deal claimers.
  • Users can find more topic ideas related to blogs and also can generate content for blogs through engaging content generation.
  • The Wordhero tool helps to write marketing and sales emails. This is converting emails and is usually helpful to all marketing persons.
  • In an e-commerce business, users can generate attractive titles and descriptions for all products.
  • WordHero has marketing and business ideas that are making the content more attractive for all users. It will be helpful to all startups.
  • WordHero official plans provide access to 108 plus languages but this lifetime deal is supported with 20 plus languages. Mostly other language support will be given in this plan.

Features of WordHero

WordHero comes with some exciting features for bloggers and content writers. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

1) Tools search bar

Searching for the tools is easier with another as they have a top search bar for all tools. If you are looking for something centric to Blog then just search there about the blog. All the tools regarding blogging will be in front of you on the same page.

2) Automatic editing

Proofreading is the last stage of articles and we can easily do this step with WordHero. You can check grammar through these tools and automatically it can be corrected by the tool itself.

3) Multiple tools

You will be getting a number of tools here. Now it has more than 50 tools related to marketing, e-commerce websites, blogging, sales pages, and emails.

4) Long-form editor

It’s not a long-form explainer! It’s all about huge content writing on the same website with help of all tools according to needs.

According to your need, you can select blog-related tools or product-related tools, or FAQ tools for generating big articles with small parts.

5) Number of tools for separate works

Here are some of the useful tools that WordHero provides for different purposes:

AIDA Copywriting Formula – Better copies can be created with this tool of WordHero to create Attractive, attentive, and action-taking content.
Product Related – You can generate the description for your Amazon products and other e-commerce-based website products.
Blog Related – Users can generate the Blog Headlines, Blog Conclusions, Blog Intros, Blog Outlines, and Blog Topic ideas also. All generated content is unique and with a high readability score.
Book Related – You can generate stories for your books through these tools but WordHero specifically provides tools for book titles and book descriptions.
Marketing Related– you can generate the emails from welcome emails to cold emails with sales emails through this tool.

6) Latest GPT-3 technology

WordHero implemented the latest GPT-3 AI-based technology which is using the neural network and natural language processing technique to generate readable multi-toned and converting content.

How to use the WordHero tool?

Follow the steps given below to properly use this AI writing assistant tool:

  • Login to your homepage dashboard of WordHero by providing login details.
  • There will be multiple tools to select according to your requirement but we will select Blog Topic as a demo.
  • On the next pop-up, you have to provide some description of your blog so that AI will analyze your niche and suggest to you a better trending topic.
  • Click on the write for me option after providing a description.
  • On the sidebar of the same page, you will get some related blog topic ideas and you can check them.
  • In a similar way, you have to provide some details about your chosen tool and it will generate multiple outputs for you.

Plans & Pricing of WordHero

WordHero comes with two different plans prior for the two different categories of users. We will categorize this plan as a monthly plan and yearly plan but Wordhero has not given any name to it.

1) Monthly Plan ($49 per month)

The basic plan can provide the access to generate unlimited content. Basic plan users will get access to all the writing tools. The plan provides access to all tools like long-form editors and keyword assistants. Users can generate content in 108 languages. 

Basic plan users also have 24/7 support with a technically trained team. The basic plan will cost $49 per month and this pricing is the minimum locked price.

2) Yearly Plan ($348 per year)

All the features of the basic plan are included in this plan. The only difference is about payment at a time or on a monthly basis.

In the yearly plan, users will get yearly basis pricing of $348 per year and if we calculate it on a monthly basis then users have to calculate $29 per month.

Both the plans can be canceled at any time while using the plan. The pricing of both plans is locked and users will not get lower pricing than this.


I hope you enjoyed our article about WordHero. I know that there are a ton of different content writing tools out there, and it can be hard to figure out which one is best for your needs.

WordHero is definitely a tool worth checking out! With their lifetime deal on the AppSumo platform right now, you can’t go wrong with this tool. Grab the deal before it expires.

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