Ink For All Review 2023 – How Good Is This AI Tool?

If you are looking for Ink For All review 2023, then you have landed in the right place.

The combination of the powerful SEO tool with GPT-3 Technology makes Ink For All special than other AI copywriting tools.

Let’s know about the tool in detail.

What is Ink For All?

Ink for all is also well known as INK! So don’t get confused between both. Ink For All is one of the best SEO optimization tools in starting but now they adopted GPT-3 Technology making INK an AI beginner. 

INK transferred their SEO assistant and optimization category towards GPT-3 technology-based AI writing as the primary product now.

ink for all review

Ink for All is special for us because of its SEO-based working company providing services and now they have great experience in the SEO sector. Their SEO knowledge can be useful for all of us in  AI composition on their platform. SEO is the primary mindset for making AI more SEO-friendly.

Ink For All is somewhat different from other tools so let’s have a look at each and every facility provided by INK for all. Their AI execution is better than others. 

Ink For All works on an online platform on browsers. They also have a standalone INK app for your desktops. That means they can work separately on your desk as well as in collaboration with other platforms on browsers. INK’s online dashboard is now becoming their secondary product as they are working primarily on the Standalone app platform.

Ink For All Features

Many features are there from INK but we will discuss some technical features here only. Other SEO-related features will be discussed in the SEO part of the same article.

Ink For All Standalone Application Platforms

Ink for All’s primary product is a Standalone application. INK provides the application for almost all main 3 Operating systems. 

  • INK app for Windows
  • INK app for Mac
  • INK app for Linux

Ink for all Plugin

INK for all also has its own plugin for WordPress. The WordPress plugin from Ink For All can be helpful for synchronizing the content from standalone applications to your WordPress websites. The text structure and formatting can be kept as it is with help of this plugin.

Most AI writers don’t have their plugins for WordPress integration. So INK will be helpful for empowering the work with ease through the WordPress plugin. 

Ink for all commands in AI writing

There are multiple options while using INK editor which can be helpful in generating AI content. The significant options are as follows,

AI Write: For writing the article just providing a heading we can use this option of AI writing. For using this option we have to click on the blank text area and press “CTRL + ENTER”.

This command from your keyboard will write content for your heading. 

Rewrite:  Like all other AI writing tools INK also provided the customization of your article according to your need by rewrite facility. We just have to take some content from the internet and select that content in the INK editor.

Press the “CTRL + \” keys to get the rewritten form of the content.

The main thing about this rewrite facility is not just about spinning the content but it will make some changes according to natural language processing to make content more human readable.

Expand: Expand will expand the word length of your content from provided short information. Expanding the content is possible with the “CTRL +]” keys pressed after selecting the short content which we wanted to expand more briefly.

Simplify: If some text from your article is more lengthy or brief than expected then you have to simplify it first. Users don’t want long content if it can be provided in short details.

Just select that lengthy content and press “CTRL + [“ together. INK AI tool will rewrite the content and make it simple.

Ink For All Chrome Extensions

Ink For all comes with the chrome extension which can be used while generating content on any browser editor like google docs, WordPress editor, and blogger editor also.

How Ink for All SEO Works?

Let’s take a tour of the INK so we can easily get well-known about its SEO working in Long Form Editor format.

First of all, we get the white interface where we can compose anything in the INK editor. There is another option of dark mode which can be used if you love working with a dark background.

In the view section of the page, the user will get the Typewriter mode and more options. Typewriter mode is mostly preferable for adding text in the same spot and keeping the text in the same spot and focus. Another mode provided at the same dropdown is the focus mode.

Focus mode focuses on the text where you are now and dims all other content. So this mode can be used for focusing on the current line skipping distractions on the other ones.

The INK editor has a menu bar at the top. In the menu bar, there are multiple standard word processor features.

Menu bar features are somewhat like Undo, redo, headings from H1, H2, H3, and H4, Quotes, Bold, Italic, Bulleted List, Numbered List, and Link insertion options. Besides the link option, there is the option for image insertion. You might be thinking, what’s the use of inserting an image here? 

The answer is, INK has a WordPress plugin that can synchronize the images uploaded on Ink to WordPress as it is without changing structure anyhow. 

Seo is the main aspect from our side also. There is an option for SEO on the right side. We just have to click on the SEO option and enter the phrase or keyword about which we have to write. It will be the primary keyword for your writing. Ink for All will help us to optimize our article according to the provided keyword. 

SEO regarding all works is possible through this platform. They provide their best guesses for you according to ranking factors on google. Ranking improvement details are also provided with the same so that users can easily rank their articles. 

SEO Working Steps In INK

ink for all review

If we enter some keyword or keyphrase in the input box then it will show some steps of working. The steps with some basic information are given below,

  • Crawling web – It will crawl on the search engines and the internet for your keyword and take out the already available details on the same topic.
  • Scraping Content – it’s all about taking the content from different sites and pages. Make that content useful as input for content generation.
  • Semantic Modeling – This feature step will model the structure and phrasing of our content.
  • Natural language processing – Our content is processed with Machine learning technology called NLP. Natural language processing makes our articles generated by Ai more readable and makes them human-written. 
  • Competitive Analysis – Competitive analysis adds more content than your competitors about the topic. Yes, it’s not about just generating articles it’s about competing in SEO with the help of the INK tool.
  • Content Relevance – After content generation in the backend INK will check for content relevance. Content relevance is all about relating the content statements from start to end one by one. 

Blog Title

Giving keyphrases for titles can also generate the best title for you. INK generates the best title according to your input using AI. According to SEO conditions and look-wise structure with capitalizations and punctuations can be made by INK easily. 

There are styles option available in the menu to improve the styling of the title

Blog post outline

On the right side of the screen, we will get an option to put our own notes. These are the outline notes. It doesn’t affect the main article structure but users will have one special section where self-understanding notes about the outline can be made. 

We will add a key phrase in the SEO section. We will get an output of relevant topics suitable for my keywords. Those ideas suggested in the output can be used as outlines for your articles. In that output, we can get all the top-ranking keywords regarding pages and headings which can be used by us in main outlines. 

All the headings suggested are coming from the available websites on the internet. You might think that it’s about plagiarism but wait, it’s not about plagiarism, we have to make some changes in it to make that article unique. 

The SEO section can help us to find all the topics covered by top-ranking articles on that keyword but also other top headings. That means in the ranking factor our article will; have multiple keywords than the latest top-ranking article. 

Every heading has content below it but it’s just copy-pasted from the internet. Pasting that content in our article is not about work from INK. 

Blog Post Content

Make our all heading in H2 formatting. It will generate some basic content from it. But it’s not good for me so I have to search for that keyword heading in the SEO tab and make sure that it will generate the best content for me.

Ink For All SEO Optimization

INK has a topic relevance section inside the app as well as an online dashboard. There is an optimization option present inside the Relevant topics tab. Users can see the optimization score on their dashboard. The tabs in this section are as follows,

Word Tasks

According to your keyword, it will generate the word limit for your topic. It might be above 1000 or maybe above 2500 also. It all depends on tackling the competitors in word counts.

Another option under word tasks is about the readability of your sentences. It will show me the sentences which are difficult to read and we can make them correct using the help of its own INK AI.

Users can keep hard-to-read statements as it is but you must correct very hard-to-read sentences from the listing.

Other basic features like spelling suggestions, grammar suggestions, proper use of subheadings, sections’ word lengths, and readability grades out of 10 are also shared here.

Documentation Tasks

This tab will suggest more about doing the main SEO of your articles. It will suggest you add some images and meta titles in your articles with meta descriptions. It’s all about doing on-page SEO of your article that we may forget in some points of articles.

INK is making its all features ready like any SEO app. The AI will help you to make changes according to SEO suggestions.

Headlines Tasks

Headlines of your content have some SEO as well as readability scores. It will suggest more detailed things about your content headings. Heading readability scores, Word count of heading, Character count of heading, and neutral sentiments are also provided by INK.

Topical Relevance

Topical relevance is related to the topics and our article collaboration. It will check for more details about whatever other competitors used and they got help from it to rank and what we should use for increasing our SEO rankings. It will be shown in the INK score format in percentages. 

It’s all about INK for all usage and features! 

INK AI Writing Tool Usage

Ink for All AI writing tool can be used for multiple different works. Here are some basic works where INK can be used.

INK AI Writing Tools for Advertising

The INK AI tool has multiple options helpful for advertising purposes. In the Facebook section users can create the Facebook Ad using Fb ad primary text generator, The Facebook Bullet text generator, and the Facebook Ads CTA generator tools.

Facebook ads’ multiple tools are available according to requirements. INK offers LinkedIn ads also. LinkedIn ads feature is upcoming in some AI writing tools but INK provided it with effectiveness. 

INK also serves the Google ads generator and Squeeze pages generator option tools. So creating funnels is becoming easier with INK now!

INK AI Writing Tools For Growth

Growing businesses, youtube channels, and eCommerce platforms are possible with INK AI.

Starting from youtube, INK has multiple tools options like Youtube Bullet text, Ads Cta description, Intro, title and description generation, and Listicles generation. In the eCommerce sector, users have options like Features, Product titles, descriptions, Advantages, and disadvantages generation.

It’s all about generating sales copy for your products. For businesses also it can be helpful in generating Sales copies of different types and features.

INK AI tool for Writers

Writing content more accurately without any mistakes is more important in content writing. INK AI writes content more effectively with emotions.

Emotional content is more interactive for all content creators. Multiple tools are available in INK for all AI writing tools which can suggest to you the grammatical mistakes that are in your content.

INK AI tools for Websites

Ink for all has tools for bloggers as well as website developers. Blog topic ideas generator, Blog outline generator, Blog Introduction paragraph generator, and hero message generator are some of its tools helping in the blogging section.

For websites, INK has some tools like CTA call to action generator, Meta description generator, and Microcopy generator. 

Ink For All Plans & Pricing

INK comes with products and bundles main plans separately. The bundle plan comes with a suite. Let’s discuss the first INK Suite Plan.

Free Plan

INK Suite also comes with a free plan. 

Features included in Free Plan

  • Unlimited AI Text Rewriting
  • 5000 AI words/month
  • 100 Keywords / Month
  • 3 SEO Articles / Month
  • 120+ AI Tools
  • Long Form Writer
  • Chrome Extension
  • Email Support

The free plan doesn’t require any credit card details to claim the offer!

Pricing: $0

INK Suite Professional

The INK suite professional plan is made for professionals as its name suggests. Users have the option to add multiple users according to their requirements in this plan. The basic pricing of the plan starts from $50 per month. If a user bill it annually then it will be $ 600 per year. 

Features of INK Suite Professional Plan

  • INK copy assistant Pro
  • INK AI Writer PRO
  • INK SEO optimizer PRO
  • INK content Planner PRO with 1,000 Keywords

INK Suite Professional comes with multiple seat options. Single-user seats on annual billing will save you 17%. Every added user will be charged $50 per month.

Users have the option to upgrade or downgrade the plan anytime during billing cycles. The most important update about the professional plan is as it’s paid so the user doesn’t have to watch ads during their work. 

Pricing: $50/Month

It’s all about suite plans, Now it’s time to go for product plans:

1) INK AI Writer Plans

INK’s AI writer is faster with affordable writing and performing quality.

Free Plan

The free plan of INK AI does not require any credit card details.


  • 5000 AI Words / Month
  • 120+ AI Tools
  • Long Form Writer
  • Email Support

Pricing: $0 

Professional Plan

The professional plan of INK AI writers comes with $25 per month charges. But in annual billing it will be at $20 per month. Here also users can add multiple paid users according to requirements. Every newly added user will add a $20 cost on a monthly basis.


  • INK AI Writer Free plan features
  • Unlimited AI Words/ Month
  • Natural language Optimization
  • Team management
  • Chat support

Pricing: $20 / Month

2) SEO Optimizer

SEO Optimizer from INK for all comes with 2 plans, one is free and another is Professional.

Free Plan

The free plan of INK SEO Optimizer does not require any credit card details.


  • 3 SEO Articles / Month
  • NLP + NLO
  • SEO Content Scoring
  • Topic Optimizer
  • Emotional Intelligence AI
  • Word optimizer
  • Document Optimizer
  • Spelling & Grammar
  • Outline Notes
  • Email Support

Pricing: $0 

3) Professional Plan

Professional SEO Optimizer plan starts with pricing $25 per month basis but it can be availed at $20 per month basis if we take the annual billing option. It will save 20%.  Adding another extra user will add $20 per month per added person basis.


  • All SEO Optimizer free plan features
  • Unlimited SEO articles / per month
  • Emotional intelligence AI
  • Competitive Paraphrasing
  • Team management
  • Chat Support

Pricing: $20 / month

Ink For All Review Final Conclusion

Ink for all is the SEO optimizer in the past days but their entry in the GPT-3 technology makes AI content generation field SEO Optimized. Personally, we definitely recommend working with INK for content creation. 

INk for all content generation alone app and extension with WordPress and chrome extension is making the content creators task much easier.

The article formatting is also not changing while synchronizing from the app to WordPress makes the INK tool different from other tools. SEO optimization process also provided SEO tools facility in AI Content generation tool.

All the above-mentioned features will definitely suggest you INK for all tools. The pricing of Ink for all tools is a little bit higher but still, its features satisfy the pricing.

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