WordHero Review 2023 – Future Of Content Creation?

If you own content marketing services or an online business, you will need essential tools to enhance your content so your audience can obtain some value.

There is a tool that is making resistance in the Digital Marketing world, it’s the unique content writing tool powered by the latest technology AI model, through this users get exclusive and highly engaging content designed under specific SEO & Content frameworks.

It helps to write content easily, you can generate efficient and ingenious contents that will help your business to grow faster. 

Here I will be sharing with you a detailed WordHero review, also I will discuss its working, features, and pros/cons of using the tool. So make sure to go through the end of this article to know my personal experience with this writing software.

What is WordHero?

Wordhero review

WordHero is online writing software that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate human written contents in seconds which is checked and verified with certain content frameworks like- [SEO Friendly, Plagiarism Free, Standard Outline, and No Grammatical Errors].

The best thing about this Ai assistant is you don’t have to give your time all day creating posts and working on your content creation skills, the WordHero will now handle that for you so that you can get into the results soon. 

With WordHero, you can generate genuine content based on your audience’s perspectives. The main core part of this software is its Artificial Intelligence which acts as a cyber personal assistant for digital marketers, simply this tool will work as your personal writing and content generating assistant.

How does the WordHero AI writing assistant tool work? 

It uses the modern GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence language model that has over 160+ billion machine learning specifications that help to generate highly engaging and quality content in a single click. 

Since it uses a GPT-3 AI model it helps to create effective Digital Marketing posts and Standard content like – (Sales copy, Promotions, Advertisements, Books, Social media content, Formal emails, and Personal Blog posts) in a few seconds, through this you can enhance your marketing strategy, content creations and copywriting to make it more valuable to achieve optimum results.

Facts about WordHero:

This software is created and trained by expert teams of conversion and copywriters who know its perfect optimization and have various years of experience in the content market. This is why the WordHero AI writing assistant generates amazing content with respect to other AI writing tools.

WordHero Review 2023 (In Brief)

Well, if you don’t have much time to read the entire article, you can just follow the brief WordHero review given below in the tabular form.

Used ForContent Generation, Copywriting & SEO
Free trial NO
Pricing Starts from$49 Per Month
Money-Back PolicyNO [However, the lowest price lock service is available]
SEO IntegrationYES
Plagiarism CheckerNot needed, as it uses a generative language model type
Best ForDigital Marketers, Influencers, and Website Owners / Bloggers
Multiple Language SupportYES, comes with 108 supported languages
Technology UsedGPT-3
DiscountAvailable on Yearly Plan [$29 Per Month]
Cancellation PolicyYES
Priority SupportYES
My Rating4.6 / 5

Who should use the WordHero AI writing assistant tool?

The WordHero AI writing software is a perfect tool for those who create content for their living. It is preferred by Digital Marketers, Copywriters, and other Professionals who are engaged in the Digital World.

Digital Marketing Experts: This can be an essential tool to generate high conversion [sales, blogs, marketing copies] through which you can get easy results and profits to scale up your online business.
Copywriters: If you are an expert in Copywriter, this tool can boost your results with its amazing integrations and frameworks like PAS and AIDA that helps to create unique content copies in a few moments.
Website Owners & Bloggers: One of the core parts of this category is that they need to produce quality content because this can drive traffic that will lead to various conversions such as sales, viewers, and inquiries. So if you are a blogger and want to rank your creations, you will need SEO-friendly articles that can be generated via WordHero by selecting certain parameters.
Digital Content Creators: If you want to create amazing, engaging, and interesting content that your readers would share within their communities, you can use this software and check the results, you will be glad to get a hugely positive response.
YouTubers: A lot of integrating features are available in WordHero for video-based content, through this you can find topics and ideas for your YouTube video, not only this, but you can also generate an impressive introduction and main body YouTube scripts that stimulate your audience to watch the video till the end.

Features of WordHero AI writing assistant tool

There are a lot of amazing features of WordHero some of the best ones are listed below:

1) Easy Interface – The WordHero AI tool is designed to provide the best services with its easy-to-use multiple options and integrations, which makes writing easier and faster.

wordhero review

2) Generator Approach – It helps to generate and create content much faster with a single click. This mode helps to research the most approximate results and create well-structured content within seconds to fasten your work.

3) Editor mode – This mode helps in editing, manipulating, or adjusting the content generated by AI algorithms in WordHero, you can recheck or re-generate the content if the result is not up to the specific topic.

4) Keyword Assistant – Content without targeting SEO keywords is worthless, this tool cares for it and automatically adds relevant keywords to the content, this feature will let you know your target keywords based on the generated content.

Or, You can enter your own keywords and the tool will itself add the primary and relevant keywords in the content with recommended keyword density for expected high engaging traffic on your content.

5) Multiple Language Support – The AI-powered WordHero writing tool supports more than 100 languages because valuable contents have no language barriers. We recommend verifying the supported languages on the website to ensure the language you want.

Create content in 3 EASY steps using the WordHero AI tool

You can follow the steps given below to easily create content using this amazing AI writing assistant tool.

Step 1 – Select your writing tool category

WordHero comes with multiple AI-powered diverse writing tools that help to create content in various categories. Choose a suitable writing toolkit based on your requirement.

Step 2 – Provide your Keywords or Use AI-generated Keywords

You can either enter your keyword or use a prompt keyword which is generated automatically based upon the content, the keywords are well researched and selected and can provide organic traffic to your content.

Step 3 – Click on Generate

Here comes the final step, just a click, and you are all set to get well SEO-optimized content that will generate you maximum profits in different ways. You can re-generate the content or make necessary changes that you want to make in the AI-powered article.

Type of Contents Generated by WordHero AI writing tool

The WordHero AI Writing assistant toolkit comes with over 50+ content generation algorithms that help to generate multiple types of content in a single click.

Below, we are going to describe a few working principles of WordHero on the popular content generation types, such as –

1) Blog Titles – Catchy titles help to increase CTR

Blog titles are the quick view part to the audience through they judge the content present below this title, make sure to include your target keywords in the title so that the audience can get a clear understanding of the article, and it also helps to rank on the first page of the search engines based upon the niche your blog is about.

The WordHero AI writing assistant tool will choose an attractive title along with the keywords to make your hard work and SEO worth it.

2) Blog Contents – Helps in Engagement and Traffic

The main content body of the article is the core part where the audience starts interacting with it, if they find the article useful, they save or share it within their communities, this act only happens when the article has value in it, WordHero is dedicated to creating that value in the content generated so that your audience stays with you.

3) Amazon Product Reviews – For best affiliate conversions

Amazon is the #1 Affiliate Marketing industry that provides decent commissions on its product sales through your tracking link, also the amazing thing is the cookies remain the same forever and if your target product is not ordered by the user and he/she buys any other product via the tracking link, you are still eligible for your product sale commissions.

WordHero tries to deliver unbiased product reviews so that you can get high conversions and boost your affiliate sales.

4) Content Rewriting – Helps in Editing & Correction of the Content

WordHero AI writing tool comes with Editing Mode which helps in making necessary changes to the content that is generated, sometimes you want to edit the headings or sentences which you think are not up to the mark.

5) Business Ideas – The initial stage of startups

You can generate startup idea descriptions from the WordHero Assistant tool to define your plans and their components for better execution.

6) Food Recipes – Provides Informative Content on “How to” related to Food

If you own a food blogging website or YouTube channel, WordHero will help you to generate step-by-step instructions on food recipes from multiple countries so that your audience across different nations can enjoy and learn new dishes every day.

7) Quora Answers – Generates Valuable solutions to the question

Quora is a great social media platform to drive traffic to your website by answering the relevant questions based on your niche, WordHero helps to generate valuable answers to the questions through which the viewers find it interesting and helpful.

Here are some other useful tools by WordHero:

  • SEO Information- [Chooses the best suitable SEO description based on Niche]
  • News- [Generates fresh and latest information]
  • Video Descriptions- [Helps to create an attractive, engaging script]
  • Product Promotions- [Creates a detailed review & info of the product]
  • Formal Emails- [Uses formal rules to generate emails]
  • Cover letters- [Generates well-structured short information]
  • Social Media Contents- [Generates various contents on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter]

Plans and Pricing of WordHero

Currently, WordHero provides only one premium plan. This plan can be purchased on monthly billing and an annual billing system.

WordHero premium plan cost $49 per month for monthly billing and $348 per year for the annual billing system. The features of the plan are listed below:

  • Write up to 108 Supported Languages
  • Access to all writing toolkits
  • Generate Unlimited Contents
  • Lock to the low fixed price plan
  • Keyword Assistant with Editor Mode
  • Cancellation Available with 24×7 Support

From the above pricing plans, the services offered by WordHero are very much worth it according to its pricing. I recommend going for the $348 yearly plan as it costs $29 per month, that would be a great deal for your business or service.

Pros and Cons of WordHero

Let’s show you the pros and cons of this AI writing tool to better understand if it is worth using it or not!


It supports more than 100 languages
Easy-to-use interface for newbies
Saves your time in creating quality content
Reduces Expenses on Content Writer
Supports SEO Integrations
24×7 Fast Customer Support Services
Keyword Assistant provides relevant targeting keywords
Helps to Create high conversion sales
Lowest Pricing Lock Feature for Individuals


Any data related to statistics should be verified as the data update runs on a certain period
Multiple pricing plans and a Free trial are not available
Sometimes it takes extra time to generate huge word-length content

Is WordHero better than other AI Writing Assistant tools? (Know My Personal Experience)

I have tried more than 10 AI writing assistant tools but above all WordHero has become a perfect writing assistant for me, below I have mentioned some of the few reasons why I choose WordHero as my digital writing assistant. 

  • The scale of quality content is much higher for WordHero as compared to its Competitors with respect to the pricing.
  • WordHero supports SEO Integration that helps us to generate an SEO-friendly article for our online website and personal blogs. 
  • The Editor Mode in WordHero is an amazing feature so that you make your desired changes in the articles like – keywords, paragraphs, and headings.
  • It has a high-class AI language model that generates creative content without plagiarism.
  • WordHero supports over 100+ languages, this makes it a dominant AI writing assistant tool from this point of view because others just provide 30 to 50+ language support. 
  • You can create or select 60+ custom writing templates for content generation in WordHero.
  • It delivers a human voice tone to make the content more understanding and easy for the audience. 

Final Verdict on WordHero Review

I hope this WordHero review helped you to know everything about this AI writing assistant tool.

The price point at which WordHero AI is providing its service is pretty interesting, one of the best things we liked about this AI writing software is that it uses the latest GPT-3 technology that generates plagiarism-free content and before displaying the generated result, it rechecks again about any error or duplication that is needed to be removed.

Another feature that makes this software #1 in its competition is the language support, it can generate content in more than 100 languages. 

So overall, I would like to recommend you this AI writing tool, to make this a part of your digital journey success, and you will surely get a positive result on your route.

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