7 Cheapest AI Writing Tools In 2023 (Don’t Miss #2)

Are you looking for the most affordable and cheapest AI writing tools in 2023? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Most of the AI writing assistant tools are very expensive. It is not possible for everyone to use these tools.

So, here I have listed some affordable AI writing tools starting from just $9 per month.

7 Cheapest AI Writing Tools In 2023

AI writing assistant tools can double your productivity in content writing and copywriting. But these tools are not affordable for all.

So, here I have listed some cheapest AI writing tools that you can go for.

1) Rytr

cheapest ai writing tools

When the question comes to affordability then Rytr always remains in the top position. Because their premium plans start as low as $9 per month.

I have explored more than 20 AI writing assistant tools, but I have never come across any tool providing a premium plan less than Rytr.

How much does Rytr cost?

Rytr offers a free trial where users can generate up to 10K characters per month. This trial word limit is also much better than other AI writing tools.

Talking about the premium plans there are two plans – Saver and Unlimited plan.

Saver Plan – This plan comes at just $9 per month. Plus, if you go for annual billing you will get 2 months free. Here in this plan, you can generate 100K characters per month.

Unlimited Plan – For those who want unlimited words credit they can go for this plan. This plan comes at $29 per month and for an annual subscription $290 per year.

User Interface of Rytr

Rytr has a very clean and beginner-friendly interface. You can change the use case, languages, tone, etc directly from your dashboard.

Here is an example of the “Blog section writing” use case of Rytr.

You just need to insert the section topic and keyword. That’s it, then click on the ‘Ryte for me’, this AI tool will automatically generate content for you.

Features of Rytr

Rytr is no doubt a cost-effective tool but there is no limitation in its features. Have a look at the features of Rytr:

  • Free trial with 10K characters limits per month
  • Rytr supports 40+ use cases
  • AI keyword generator and extractor to improve SEO
  • Built-in plagiarism checker is available
  • Supports more than 30 popular languages
  • Create your own custom use-case
  • Dedicated account manager in the Unlimited plan

2) Writesonic

cheapest ai writing tools

Writesonic is another popular and cheapest AI writing tool that you can go for. If you want an AI writing assistant for generating long-form content then Writesonic is for you.

From social media content to a detailed blog post, everything can be generated by Writesonic. 

Writesonic has won many awards for its excellent features and content generation. Recently they have also received $2.6M in seed funding.

How much Writesonic costs?

The Writesonic pricing structure depends on the quality of content. There are four qualities available – Premium, good, average, and economy.

If you choose the premium quality then the word count decreases and the reverse is true for the economy quality. 

Two premium plans of Writesonic are:

Short-form plan – This plan is ideal for writing short content like social media ads, product descriptions, reviews, etc. The pricing of this plan starts from $10 per month.

Long-form plan – If you want to write long content like blog posts or an ebook then this plan is for you. The pricing of this plan starts from $13 per month.

Features of Writesonic

The features of Writesonic are listed below:

  • In the free trial, users can generate up to 6250 words
  • Provides 70+ AI templates
  • Best AI writer for long-form content generation
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Browser extension available
  • 1 Click WordPress export
  • Integration of Zapier and Semrush
  • Email support and training webinars are available

3) Unbounce Smart Copy

Smart Copy is the AI writing tool initially well known by the name of Snazzy AI. Unbounce acquired the Snazzy AI and renamed it Unbounce Smart Copy. Unbounce is a company working on Conversion Intelligence. Unbounce offers an AI combination for conversion through Smart Builder, Smart Traffic, and Smart Copy AI writing tool.

Unbounce Smart Copy works on Copywriting mostly. There is a lack of creative stories and articles but they can generate the best audience-targeting content for users. Converting the audience with the content generated from Unbounce smart copy is surely possible.

Smart copy works with multiple languages with English like Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and German. That means users can now target multiple audience bases.

Features of Unbounce Smart Copy

  • Unbounce itself is a simple provider with the simplest clean User Interface in smart copy. Fonts and colors are work-favored and more creativity spreading. 
  • Users can create profiles with their input brand styles and voices. That means the targeting of the audience is possible from content generated with AI writers that are related to previous content and your brand notes. 
  • Multiple templates are provided like email subject lines, viral growth ideas, and many funny as well as attractive notes.
  • The limitless characters content generation feature is available in Unbounce Smart Copy. Users will get a text editor without any limitations for long-form content. 
  • Multiple customization features like refining the content through content length like Short, Medium, or Long and Tone of voices from Neutral, Friendly, confident, urgent, analytical, or optimistic are available.
  • Chrome extension is also there with Unbounce.

Plans & Pricing of Unbounce Smart Copy

Unbounce Smart Copy simply comes with 2 different plans. One of them is free and the other is paid.

Free Plan

Its starter plan is where users don’t have to pay a single rupee for using Smart Copy. In this plan, users will get 5 Credits on content generation on daily basis. No Credit Card is required for claiming this starter plan.

Paid Plan

Users don’t have any restrictions on usage in Paid Plan named Growth Plan. users have unlimited access to copy creation, and unlimited profiles are allowed.

The paid plan provides access to writers. Growth plans have pricing of $49 per month if paid on monthly basis and $25 per month if paid on annual basis.

4) Wordtune

WordTune is the AI writing and content Rephrasing tool helping you to write better sentences to the next level. Wordtune comes with multiple modes of writing offering Casual, Formal, Shortening, Expanding, and Rephrasing.

Wordtune has multiple facilities countering the Grammarly tool also. Chrome extensions are available from Wordtune to integrate AI with any of the content writer’s text editors.

Feature of Wordtune

  • Wordtune is always compared with Grammarly because of its multiple features. A browser extension is the main feature of Grammarly included in Wordtune.
  • The translation feature at the time of writing in Wordtune makes it different from other tools.
  • Easy onboarding process and usage as we just have to add extensions in any browser like chrome or edge. Log in to the platform through an extension only provides you access.
  • Wordtune is an easy-to-use tool that can be used by new users without having any technical knowledge. 
  • Re-phrasing and rewriting capability of Wordtune ai writer is best than any tool as it rephrases sentences that don’t have plagiarism and are 100% unique. 
  • Wordtune support team is technically strong but takes a little bit more time for providing services.
  • Grammarly is treated as an alternative to Wordtune making its facilities comparable with the top tool in the AI market. 

Plans & Pricing of Wordtune

There is one free plan and two premium plans offered by Wordtune.

Free Plan

A free plan of Wordtune is available for all users. It’s a free-to-use plan with 10 Rewrites allowed every day. Its basic plan hence doesn’t offer any other features.

Premium Plan

Premium Plan is the plan made for individual usage. Unlimited Rewrites, Casual and Formal Tones, and Shorten Expands are provided in the premium plan. Paragraph Rewriting and Premium support features are also included in this plan. 

Premium Plan will cost $24.99 per month basis if billed monthly and $9.99 per month basis if billed annually. 

Premium Plan for Teams

All the premium plan features with the Team billing feature are included in the Premium for Teams Plan. Users can purchase this plan after selecting the usage details and contacting the customer support of Wordtune.

5) Textcortex ai

Textcortex AI is an AI-based content generation tool working on Natural language processing technology without making any mistakes in content generation.

Textcortex works on the documents that you want to generate without changing the tenses and without changing the main subject of the main topic. 

Textcortex AI is the tool working on basically reading easier ness. They always check the content according to the reading perspective. The content generation makes more highlights the interesting parts of that content so users’ attention-grabbing is possible.

Including interactive content like graphs, quotes and images are possible with the TextCortex with its AI features.

Features of TextCortex AI

  • Long-form content generation from pieces of articles is possible in TextCortex.
  • If users are providing some earlier written story or articles then TextCortex can complete the next part according to previous sentences and tenses with auto-detecting tones.
  • TextCortex also provides the SEO optimization facility for writing itself. It includes on-page in-article SEO as well as users’ attention-grabbing techniques.
  • Immediate Feedback is provided for your content for improvements and changes.
  • Personalized content creation is possible from TextCortex according to your created profile and branding.
  • Easy to use software tool as provided with a clean interface and minimal features which are mostly required on the top dashboard. 
  • Multiple languages-based content creation is also possible through TextCortex. 
  • Inbuilt grammar and spelling check as well as plagiarism detector used by TextCortex making the tool all in one about content writing and content creation.

Plans & Pricing of TextCortex AI

Free Plan

In the free plan of TextCortex, almost all features are available to use but with some daily limitations. 10 Creations are allowed every day including Rewriting and Rephrasing, extending your text, Email Writer, and many more. 

Pro Plan

Pro plan is made for individuals and small-sized workers who need content every day. Unlimited creations are allowed in the Pro plan with everything available. Long-form posts, Summarizers, and Tone Changers are some extra features that the free plan included in Pro Plan. A browser extension facility is also available with Pro Plan. 

Pro Plan costs $24.99 every month on a monthly billing cycle. Pro Plan will cost $9.99 per month basis on Yearly annual billing.

Business Plan

The business plan is almost everything for TextCortex.  TextCortex Business plan includes the browser extension feature with AI web text editor facility.

All pro plan features are included in the business plan with Creation and translation in 10 Plus languages, Long sized content generations, multiple creation templates, and collaborations feature. 

The business plan will cost $79.99 per month basis on a monthly billing cycle. The business plan will cost $49.99 per month based on annual billing.

6) Linguix

Linguix is not a proper AI writing tool but it’s helpful for checking the Grammar of your content and the structure of your sentences.

Linguix asks for details about your writing categories and multiple sectors for generating the best content for you according to your personalizations. It’s not fancy enough to generate content but simple to generate the best content.

Features of Linguix

  • Easy to understand and Clean Minimalistic interface with illustrations usage makes work easier. 
  • Linguix Online editor is available without any distractions at the time of writing. Users can paste content from other platforms in this editor.
  • The helper tab is there to help you with your mistakes in longer articles. 
  • Users can set the tones of documents that need to be written in Linguix. 
  • Automatic checks for words, grammar redundancy with style, and typos are provided in Linguix.
  • A browser extension is also provided by Linux which can be used for online work effectively.
  • Personal Dictionary and Plagiarism checker facilities provide an all-in-one solution on Linguix Platform. 

Plans & Pricing of Linguix

Individual Plan

The individual plan is free of cost plan including features with limitations. The individual plan is free of cost plan with features Grammar, Punctuation, All Linguix Apps, and Data Security & Privacy features.

Personal Pro Plan

Personal Pro plan is the plan made for professionals for individual use. It includes all the plans Free Individual plans with Advanced Corrections for higher conversions, writing insights on the go, Unlimited Content rewriting, Shortcuts, and Canned Responses with PDF Export in the web editor features. 

On Annual billing, a personal Pro Plan will cost $5 per month basis. Personal PRO Plan also comes with a lifetime deal costing $85 as a one-time payment. 

Team Plan

This team plan itself is made for teams including all previous plan features with extra add-ons like Team Management, Team Shortcuts, Account roles and permissions, Brand Voice Control Features, and API on demand as main features. The team plan will cost $20 per month based on annual billing.

7) Writecream

Writecream is a popular AI-based copywriting tool working in the market for a long time. It is mostly used for marketing automation through personalized content generation facilities. Writecream worked on GPT-3 Technology and Natural Language processing for generating content. 

Features of Writecream

  • Writecream interface of the dashboard is simple and easy to use. On the dashboard itself, the user will get the previous activity details.
  • Multiple content generations are possible from the same template or input to AI writers. 
  • Writecream content generation is faster than any other content writing tool
  • AI of Writecream itself suggests including the Quotes that should be included in the content.
  • Youtube voiceovers and Podcasts facilities are available with the Writecream tool separately.
  • Content generated from Writecream is SEO optimized as it always suggests SEO improvements while generating content.
  • 76 plus different languages are supported for content generation in Writecream with multiple different tones of voice.
  • Writecream also has an android app and Browser extensions.

Plans & Pricing of Writecream

Free Plan

Writecream offers a free plan without any credit card requirements with a 20 credits limit for content generation.

Unlimited Plan

Unlimited plan is unlimited for each and every facility and credit. Access to all the templates is possible through this plan. The unlimited plan is a limited-period plan offered by Writecream. 

The unlimited Plan will cost $29 per month basis on Annual billing.

Standard Plan

Standard plans have 200 credits for the content generation with all features included. Standard Plan will cost $49 per month.

Extended Plan 

Extended plan has 750 credits for content generation in icebreakers, long-form articles, and many more. The extended plan will cost $69 every month.


These are the most affordable and cheapest AI writing assistant tools that you can go for. All of these are trusted and provide excellent features.

If you want to know about my favorite, then I will recommend you to go for Writesonic. I am personally using this tool and am pretty much happy with its outputs.

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