Top 8 AI Copywriting Tools Lifetime Deal In 2023

Most copywriters feel that writing a compelling advertisement or sales letter is not just the ultimate skill, but it’s also the greatest challenge.

Generating new content every day is difficult for all content creators. There are a number of AI copywriting tools available on the internet but all are not that efficient and effective.

If you’re tired of traditional forms of copywriting, then you must try AI copywriters. These tools will help you generate unlimited leads, sales, and profits.

The only problem is that they require quite a hefty investment in order to make them work. But don’t worry, here I’ve brought you the top 8 AI copywriting tools lifetime deal in 2023. These deals will help you to save huge on your purchase.

8 Best AI Copywriting Tools Lifetime Deals

Here are the top 8 AI copywriting tools with lifetime deals and some short information about them.

#1. Writecream

AI Copywriting Tools Lifetime Deal

Writecream is one of the best tools in the AI copywriting field with the best facilities. Everything required in sales, marketing, and SEO is covered by writecream.

Features of Writecream

Writecream comes with some impressive features, a few of them are listed below:

1) Personalizations

Writecream provides 100s of personalized intros in different fields like cold emails, LinkedIn, and backlinks. All the tasks get done within a short time. In fact, we can generate a 1000 word article within 30 seconds only. That means it’s not time taking.

All things are personalized according to the information provided. Exporting and importing your data is possible here with CSV format.

2) Simple Steps to Generate

Writecream offers faster article generation with simple 4 steps involved in the content generation. A simple interface with ease of use makes Writecream content generation easy for all new users also.

3) Multiple Tools

Writecream offers more than 40 content format tools. Users get different tools for different works making the content more topic and type-centric in a generation.

Digital Ads copies(Google, Facebook, and Instagram), Video and Audio Tools (Podcasts, Voice notes, Youtube video script, voice-over, and video ideation), AI personalization Tools(Cold Emails, messages), Custom Tools(Plagiarism, Brand and Product Description), Articles and Blogs tools(Blog ideas, Outlines, Intros, Heading, Expander, Conclusion, long-form content), Social media Tools(PAS, BAB) are provided by Writecream.

Writecream Lifetime Deal

AI Copywriting Tools Lifetime Deal

Writecream Lifetime deal Plan provides lifetime access to Writecream Plan with all upcoming updates support. 

  • 200 Credits Per Month
  • 40+ Tools Access 
  • Upcoming Features are also Updated
  • Mobile App Support
  • Chrome Extension Support
  • Personalized Options
  • 75+ Languages Supported

Pricing: Writecream lifetime deal costs $59

Pricing may vary according to your added stacks. Single stack pricing is mentioned above. Every added stack will cost $59 More with 200 Extra monthly credits.

The Lifetime deal plan comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

#2. WordHero

WordHero is popular for generating human-like content in simple clicks. WordHero is a tool made for entrepreneurs, marketers, and writers. Users have the option to generate Short articles as well as long-form articles in WordHero.

Features of WordHero

1) 1-Click article generation

WordHero is powered by AI providing different categories of articles in simple steps. Users can generate the content in simple steps so Wordhero is advertised by AI-Powered Writing in 1 Click.

2) Multiple Tools

WordHero is always working on adding new tools every day. AIDA Copywriting Formula, Amazon Product Descriptions, Analogy Provider, Blog Contents, Book Writing, Emails, Content Rewriting, Ads generation, Product information, and social media posts like multiple types of tools.

3) Plagiarism-Free and Human-Like Content

WordHero is an AI-powered tool working on 175 billion plus machine learning models making generated articles more unique. The content generated from WordHero is already plagiarism-checked. The content is human readable and the reader can feel that it’s human-written.

Users can save lots of time by using WordHero for content generation. It also saves on human resources hiring charges. WordHero is speeding you ahead of the market with its AI power.

WordHero Lifetime Deal

On the Appsumo platform, we can avail of the lifetime deal on Wordhero. Money back guarantee is provided with the same plan in a 60 days period.

  • Unlimited Copy Forever
  • Access to all 50+ writing tools
  • Access to all future writing tools
  • Discover topic ideas & Write engaging blog content
  • Write sales and marketing cold emails that sell
  • Generate catchy captions for social media

Pricing: WordHero lifetime deal costs $89

Adding 1 more stack of the same plan can add long-form article generation to your lifetime deal.

#3. is popular for generating huge content from a single word. You also have some control over editing your article but still, AI is capable of doing it for you.

Features of

1) Article generation in seconds

Users are capable of generating the articles within simple steps and it’s not a long process. It takes just a few seconds to generate a 1500+ word article.

2) SEO-friendly content is google friendly and google centric content writing tool. It offers to generate the SEO-friendly content that google loves. In blog-like contents, offers all the schema that google is looking for in every article nowadays.

3) WordPress Integration offers an integration plugin for WordPress. Through this plugin, users can directly import their generated content from the Platform. offers video guidance for using their tools and using the WordPlay SEO effectively. Lifetime Deal offers lifetime deals on the Appsumo Platform. The lifetime deal from offers all upcoming updates accessible with the same plan. You don’t have to purchase it again and again for new upcoming features.

  • Long Form AI Writer
  • Generate 1500+ words articles from one Keyword
  • Option to add subheadings
  • WordPress Integration
  • 7,500 words per month

Pricing: lifetime deal costs $99

Users have some limitations on word generation. So if you want some more word limits then you have the option to add a stack to increase it. Adding one stack will take your limit to 15,000 words per month, adding one more will make it 22,500, and adding the last one will make it 30,000 words.

#4. Rytr

Rytr has been the name in the AI-powered content generation for a long time. Rytr can automatically write content for you with just some simple inputs. It works on the GPT-3 Technology helping to take some NLP logic in the generation of content.

Rytr generated content is mostly unique and 100% plagiarism free. They offer the plan at affordable rates as well as some discount rates also.

Features of Rytr

1) Multiple Tools/ Use Cases

Rytr has 30 plus use cases that can help you to write content in different formats. It is helpful for generating headlines for the long-form paragraphs of your articles.

Users have options to generate the ads copies, blog-related content, marketing and cold emails with high conversion chances, SEO-based content, product details, and many more schemas that google requires like FAQ.

2) 30+ Languages support

Users have the option to generate the content in more than 30 different languages using Rytr. Google is also preferring the content from native languages nowadays and that’s why Rytr’s Native languages content generation feature can be helpful for all.

3) Different writing tones

Rytr has 20 plus writing tones to make articles more human-like. This makes the article more readable and with some tones according to the content situation creates a feel of reading in the reader’s mind.

4) Browser Extension

Rytr offers a Google Chrome browser extension and with the help of the same, we can write articles on google docs with Rytr AI support.

Rytr Free Trial Plan

Rytr offers a free trial plan for all its new users. Its lifetime deals with huge limitations. Yes, it’s available as a free trial for a lifetime.

Feature of Rytr Free Trial

  • 5000 Characters each month
  • Access to all use cases
  • 30+ Languages
  • Copyscape-based plagiarism check
  • Premium community access
  • No Credit Cards Required

#5. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is well known as an AI-trained tool for copywriting. Before some days it was well branded with the name A change in the name does not change its specifications. Jasper AI is getting improved day by day.

Jasper AI is a GPT-3 Technology based machine learning trained model. In AI it uses a three-level neural network for content generation.

Features of Jasper AI

1) Integration of SurferSEO

Jasper AI is offering the SurferSEO integration in Jarvis and now continued in Jasper AI. SurferSEO is the best SEO tool from the past providing SEO integration in Jasper AI.

2) BOSS Mode

Jasper AI acquired the Shortly AI platform and placed its Boss mode feature in the Jasper AI plan. In Boss mode, we have to just place some commands according to our tasks. Boss modes provide all the control in users’ hands without going for separate Tools provided by them.

3) Long-form Content

Jasper AI offers long-form content generation tools which are integrated with SEO. These tools can help to generate long-form articles and book stories also.

Jasper AI Free Trial Plan

Jasper AI does not offer any lifetime deal plan. Well, in the initial days you can grab the free trial of Jasper AI.

Jasper AI offers a free trial for 5 days. Users can try out all Jasper AI features. This free trial includes a 10000 words limitation on content generation.

Once you get satisfied with the free trial, you can upgrade to any premium as per your requirements.

#6. Writesonic

Writesonic is developed from some requirements of getting a copy in time. It’s powered by OpenAI. Writesonic is an AI-based Content generation tool working on the latest revolutionary Tentative Pre Trainer Transformer 3 technology. In technical words, it’s also known as GPT-3 Neural network-based technology.

Features of Writesonic

1) Writesonic 2.0

Yes, it’s an upgraded version compared to its previous version. They market it using the AI article writer 2.0 tagline. 4 simple steps and GPT-3 technology with OpenAK neural networks combination can generate articles within seconds.

2) No Credit Cards Required

For the free trial or at the time of purchasing some plans, We don’t require a credit card as such other AI-based content writing tools or any other software always takes your credit card details to make sure that you should definitely renew their plans. But Writesonic has confidence in itself to reattach customers.


PAYG means Pay As You Go! It’s almost like a postpaid plan from any telecom service provider. You have to pay for whatever you are using from Writesonic. It makes their plans and usage more customizable.

Writesonic Free Trial Plan

Writesonic is working on a credit plan. It offers a free trial for all new users. The Free Plan is available for all users separately. In a free trial plan, users can access all the features of Writesonic free of cost. 10 credits are provided in a free trial for single users. 

1 credit is capable of generating 120 words and hence with 10 credits users can generate 1200 words.

#7. Peppertype AI is a simple and easy tool for generating content with high quality and plagiarism-free uniqueness. You just have to choose some styles, topics, and relevant words to generate a big-sized article on it. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies are used effectively here for better generation.

Features of Peppertype AI

1) Create content in just a minute offers the fastest content generation service. A huge amount of content can be generated through without waiting longer than 1 minute. Simple steps can help you to generate different types of content according to your requirements.

2) Separate Short form and Long Form Tools

Users have the option to choose between short-form and long-form content tools according to their requirements helping them to save the word limit.

3) Flexible Plans comes with flexible plans according to users’ requirements and one customizable plan also. So it may be better for all those organizations or startups who are willing to have some customized features on demand.

Peppertype AI Free Trial Plan is offering a free trial plan for all users with 10,000 words limitations. Its free bonus credits are given for all users to try and test their facilities and features with the effectiveness of access to all tools and features.

#8. Copy AI

Copy AI is OpenAI-based GPT-3 Technology trained software for content generation. Users can generate multiple copies which are unique and have human readability through Copy AI.

Features of Copy AI

1) SEO Optimized Content

Copy AI generates content totally google friendly. That means we don’t have to work that much on the SEO of that content as they already did at their level. The content generated from Copy AI is of high quality and able to keep the users engaged and attached to it.

2) Chrome Extension

The chrome extensions are helpful to use the tool’s features in any editor or with any CMS platform editor. Chrome extension of Copy AI can be integrated to use with WordPress CMS and Google docs also.

Copy AI Free Trial Plan

Copy AI offers a 7-day free trial plan for all new users. To claim this offer we don’t require any credit card details. Users have no limitation of words or any bounds during this period.

We as users can try all their 70+ tools and features without any bounds during the free trial period.


Have you ever wondered how to find a good copywriting tool? Well, I do, and I am confident that I have found the best solutions for you.

I hope this article has given you a detailed review of the top 8 best ai copywriting tools lifetime deals that you can consider using in the future.

Some of the above-mentioned lifetime deals may be expired. But don’t worry, all the tools provide a free trial for new users. You can activate these free trials and test the quality of the content generated by these tools.

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