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How to Activate the Originality.ai coupon code?

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originality.ai coupon code

Step 2: You can now create your Originality.AI account by simply clicking on the “SignUp Now” button on the page.

Step 3: Create an account using your accurate information, including your email address.

The registration process is incredibly simple and easy. Simply enter your email address, name, and password on the new page to finish the registration process.

Step 04: You will then be directed to the Checkout page, where you must enter your payment information to complete the transaction.

This is Originality.AI coupon code – BEORIGINAL (50% Discount)

If you enter your Originality.AI coupon code in the box that is displayed on the page, you will receive a total discount of 50%.

So, enter your credit card information and finish your order. Originality.AI only accepts two payment methods: credit card and debit card.

Congratulations! Your Originality.AI coupon code has been successfully activated, and you may now use Originality.AI to detect plagiarism, and AI content.

What is Originality ai?

Originality.AI positions itself as a “plagiarism detector and AI detector designed for professional content creators.” The tool’s two primary functions are plagiarism and AI content detection.

It is the only AI detector designed and trained to recognize GPT-3 and has been proven to be effective at detecting GPT-3.5 / ChatGPT generated content. We imagine it as a good terminator detecting other AI.

Originality AI is a useful tool for web publishers, content agencies, and everyday website property owners. 

For online publishers, the Originality AI tool will allow you to effortlessly scan your content, discover who has previously checked it, and determine whether an AI-powered tool has been used.

This platform’s Team Management tool allows content companies with several team members to scan thousands of pieces of content. You can also add, remove, and track the activity of each team member.

Who should use the Originality.ai tool?

This is an AI-powered tool for plagiarism detection and AI written content recognition! This means that the entire content writing domain will profit from this tool, and the entire written content creation field requires this tool to determine whether or not the content is copied.

Originality. AI was created by a team of content marketing and GPT-3 AI professionals who well understand your requirements. 

It includes features such as Team Management, Scan History by User, and, most significantly, an AI Writing Detecting tool.

Well, If you are a web publisher, content writer, content agency, website buyer, or digital marketer, this tool is going to be a huge benefit to your business.

In short, if you want to save time and detect if a piece of content is plagiarised, use the Originality.Ai coupon code for 50% off today!

Simply put, everybody who publishes blog content needs OriginalityAI’s AI content recognition tool.

What are the top 3 features of the Originality.AI tool?

Originality AI is a plagiarism monitor and ai – based content detector for content producers. If you’re using AI to write content for your website, run it through OriginalityAI and make human revisions to avoid Google penalties.

Here is a list of 3 key features to consider when selecting Originality. Ai over other available alternatives:

1. Plagiarism Scanner

OriginalityAI also provides a plagiarism detection tool. Pricing is similar to Copyscape, the market’s leading plagiarism checker.

I inserted OriginalityAI’s home page into their plagiarism scanner to put it to the test. Their tool reported an 80% plagiarism rate:

It also gives a table that shows where the tool discovered plagiarism. Sure enough, their homepage was identical! 

I’m not sure why the overall score was just 80%, but it accurately revealed that the content was copied.

I don’t usually use their plagiarism scanner because I have memberships with RankMathSEO and Grammarly, both of which have built-in plagiarism checkers.

2. Full Site Scan

Originality.AI complete site scan feature is not currently available, but the team stated in their press announcement that it would be available shortly.

An entire website will be checked for plagiarism and AI-generated content by the Originality.AI scanner.

This functionality will be extremely useful for people purchasing websites or publishers conducting content audits. 

The company’s cost is really reasonable (as you’ll see in the following section), so even a large site with 1,000 blog posts (2,000 words each) would just have to spend $400 for a full website scan.

3. AI Content Detector / Content Scanner

Currently, originality AI’s Content Scanner and AI Detector is a straightforward tools. It merely returns an AI detection score. The score is calculated on a scale of 0-100, with 100 representing perfect freedom from AI.

There is currently no way to see Originality.

To gather feedback on specific areas of the text, AI-generated the score. Because the tool is new, I expect them to provide this capability as it matures.

Copy paste in bits of your message one by one is an excellent method to use OriginalityAI. In this manner, you can determine if a part is producing problems and change it to rephrase terms or add original content.

Plans & Pricing: Which plan is best for you?

As I said before, Originality.AI’s pricing is really reasonable. They charge for their service in credits, with each credit costing $0.01. If you’re looking for an OriginalityAI coupon, you may save 50% on your first 2,000 credits by entering the code BeOriginal.

100 words are scanned with either the AI content or plagiarism detection for a credit, and the credits needed for the scan double if you choose to do both.

An SEO content writer might charge $400 for a single 2,000 word piece! For almost every content creator, buying credits with Originality.AI is therefore a no big investment, which means this is a small investment.

Although charging by the word probably would have been simpler, the credit system is still quite simple to understand. 

In either case, the tool is very affordable; given the value it offers, the price might have easily been doubled.

What are the pros, & cons of Originality.Ai?

Originality.AI is a new online tool, its developers haven’t fully developed a set of functions. Each tool for ai – powered writing assistants has various benefits and drawbacks. 

All of this tool’s advantages and disadvantages are listed here.

Pros of Originality.ai

  • Easy-to-use interface, premium community, and committed email support
  • Based on the data from Originality.AI, the AI Content detection feature looks to be exceptionally accurate.
  • You simply paste your content to receive a score, which makes it super simple to use.
  • The prices are incredibly low, and It would cost $24 to use OriginalityAI to find AI-generated content with up to 2000 words.

Cons of Originality.ai

  • The tool doesn’t reveal which portions of your content it identified as AI.
  • There is no grading feature, and no live chat support is provided.

Ultimately, I don’t believe these drawbacks of OriginalityAI surpass its benefits, especially given its extremely low cost.

FAQs about Originality.ai coupon code 2023

The following are the frequently asked questions related to the Originality.Ai coupon code. Check them out quickly so you can get started with the Originality.Ai promo code which offers a huge 50% discount on the tool without any issues:

What is Originality.ai?

Originality.ai is a plagiarism detector and artificial intelligence-based content detector for content creators.

Is there any coupon code available for new users of Orginality AI?

Yes, there is a special promo code BEORIGINAL for 50% off, but you don’t have to use it. Simply sign up using this Originality.ai link, and the discount will be applied instantly at checkout.

If discount is not applied, then enter BEORIGINAL coupon code in the box!

Is there any lifetime deal available from Originality.ai?

No, there is no lifetime deal available from Originality.ai but you have the Originality.AI coupon code which offers 50% discount at checkout.

Which is the best alternative to Orginality.ai?

There are many good AI content detectors and plagiarism checkers available. However, in my opinion, the best alternative to Originality.ai is Content at Scale.

Is there any free trial of Originality ai?

No, this tool does not offer a free trial, so you must purchase their paid subscription.


So, this is all about the Originality.ai promo code, which offers a 50% discount. If you want to get Originality.ai for the lowest possible price. 

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