Top 4 Writecream Alternatives & Competitors (In-depth Review)

Are you looking for Writecream alternative? Then you have landed in the right place.

Writecream is an AI-powered article writing assistant for every content creator and marketer. Users can generate great effective compelling marketing content from Writecream with simple instructions and inputs.

AI-powered tools require less effort to generate great content. Copywriting AI power tools are alternatives to content writers and they are good enough but not perfect. Applying human touch at the end is always required to make content more readable and user-friendly.

writecream alternative

If you want to go with Writecream then I will suggest taking one look at its alternatives and most competitors. This means you will find the best one for your work with cheaper pricing and extra facilities. It’s up to you, which AI-powered article writing tool you want to go with.

Finding the best writecream alternative is a little bit difficult for me because I’ve enlisted the alternatives which are comparatively at the same or a little higher and lower levels of Writecream. We enlisted them according to the quality of content they generate, customer-centric support staff, accuracy, and pricing.

Best Writecream Alternatives & Competitors In 2023

SL No.ToolsPricingFree Trial
1Jasper AIStarts at $29 per monthActivate Free Trial
2RytrStarts at $9 per monthActivate Free Trial
3Copy AIStarts at $35 per monthActivate Free Trial
4Shortly AIStarts at $69 per monthActivate Free Trial

1) Jasper AI (Best Writecream alternative)

Maybe you are aware of but not about Jasper AI. Jasper AI is the newly launched name for

It is the most popular AI copywriting tool. Jasper AI comes into the AI copywriting sector and gets mostly used for solving the problems of all content writers.


Almost all AI copywriting tool features are included in Jasper AI but they have an advantage over others in the form of having lots of creative templates.

There are a number of inbuilt tools to improve your content levels. That means if you don’t love some sentence and it’s not that attractive then you can provide different input to work with that specific sentence.

You can also reframe and restructure your manually written content with some touch of AI to attract more users and engage them.

Jasper AI Templates:

  • Product Description
  • Social Network
  • Google ads, Facebook ads, ads copy
  • Copywriting frameworks (AIDA, PAS)
  • Generate subtitles, titles, and descriptions for video contents
  • Blog contents like headlines, intro, ideas, meta description, and outlines
  • Emails
  • Sales copy

The general mode takes care of the previous 2 to 3 lines but if we try the Boss mode of Jasper AI then it will go through the previous 2000 to 3000 words for writing the next line. So most relevant content with continuity of the previous topic can be generated using Jasper AI.

Jasper AI Boss mode works on commands and it gives you more power to control your contents outlines and semantics.

Jasper AI has some limitations in content generation and that’s why you might get repetitive generated content after a number of regenerations.

As with all other AI-powered tools, users have to relook and make some changes in content manually. 


Jasper AI comes with two different plans for two different types of users. The starter plan comes with a 20,000 words generation limit per month and it will cost $29 per month. The Boss Mode comes with a 50,000-word generation limit per month and it will cost $59 per month.

The most disappointing thing about JasperAI is that they don’t provide opportunities to generate long-form content in the starter plan and this makes it somewhat disappointing to all basic users.

2) Rytr 

Rytr is an affordable AI writing assistant tool. Rytr is new but with a large number of modifications and extra features make it more attractive than older ones. Affordability with All features is the best part of Rytr.


Rytr is still working on improving its features and that is why we can’t say that whatever they are providing now is final from their side. They keep on improving them day by day. 

AI tools mostly have cluttered interfaces and they can’t be user-friendly anyhow. Rytr targeted this point and cleared the interface issue. They have a simplistic and easily accessible interface. Starting with simple input and blank cleans and options to add more styles is helpful for me as a writer.

Rytr comes with more than 12 different tones for writing and this number is larger than any other AI tool. So the user will get flexibility in writing his content.

Users have the option to generate 3 different variants of content in just a click. This number is lesser as compared to other AI-powered content writing tools.

Their generated articles are readable, relevant and 100% grammatically correct but just steps away from perfectness.

There is one negative part noticed about rytr is that its sentences begin with the same nouns in the whole article and this looks like something robotic text generation. 

Some pros are like you can just copy-paste your content and give it some commands like expand to increase length, shorten to make it summarized, rephrase to rearrange it according to readability, and append some more content related to that topic at the end.

Rytr Templates:

  • Website Content like Blogs
  • Emails
  • Ads
  • Interview Questions
  • Bio profile and job descriptions
  • Landing pages
  • Review and Testimonials
  • YouTube descriptions
  • SEO Related things like meta description, titles

Rytr is helpful for marketing strategies mostly. For long-form content like blogs still needs some improvements.


Rytr is affordable among all the alternative tools of writecream and writecream itself. Rytr saver plan comes at just $9 per month and Rytr unlimited plan comes at $29 per month.

3) Copy AI

Copy AI is the best alternative to Writecream to solve the problems of Writer Blocks. Almost every content creator has faced this problem and Copy AI can help us to overcome this.


Copy AI will create content on the basis of your inputs in a few seconds. The content type can be anything like product descriptions, social media posts, advertisements, and blog posts. Whatever you provide should be in brief to get more perfect content. 20 to 30 words are sufficient to create better content but more details can yield the best outputs.

Copy AI has some more extra input options like the audience, promotion, and occasions to make articles according to those inputs. Generated articles can be copied and saved to your copy AI account. If you want to modify it then this can be also done.

There is no limitation on content generation and every time a user will find completely different content if he didn’t copy or save anyone from the first results. You can repeat and generate content infinite times with all-time differences.

PAS, before after bridge, Feature Advantage Benefits, QUEST formula like all sales copy can be generated with simple steps on copy AI.

Copy AI Templates:

  • Product Description
  • Ad Copy
  • Ad title
  • Social Media post captions
  • Social media intro and hooks
  • Landing pages
  • Blog ideas
  • Blog intros
  • Blog post
  • Blog meta description
  • Emails
  • Sales copy

Copy AI offered writing in more than 20 languages. It also includes 9 different tones for each sentence. Copy AI also provides a google chrome extension which can improve your general writing with copywriting also.


Copy AI cones with a single plan and its monthly billing cost are $49 while the yearly billing cost is $35 per month.

Copy AI also provides some custom and commercial plans so if you want to get such plans then contact them directly.

4) Shortly AI

It’s a useful tool for generating short stories and content for marketing. They are also beginners like Rytr but their community is still growing because of their facilities and command controls.


Shortly AI is user-friendly and its experience is non-technical person friendly. That means anyone can use it easily without any issues.

They provided separate options for articles and blog writing and story writing. If this tool is writing stories then you can understand that it cares about previously written content before writing the new content.

Users have the facility to manage article length at the time of article generation and also can add some extra brief information in the same window. Shortly AI has the faculty to work with commands and that provides users extra benefit and control over articles.

Shortly AI has facilities like you can provide ++= like commands to focus on some specific keywords in further article generation.

Shortly AI Templates:

  • Blog post
  • Story
  • Copywriting
  • YouTube video scripts
  • Social media posts and content
  • Introductions
  • Bio profile
  • Books 
  • Anything with commands

In Short, AI is useful for those who don’t want to waste their time on content writing and just want to focus on their business.


Shortly AI comes with 2 different plans. It’s a single plan but depends on the monthly and annual billing cycle.

In the monthly plan, users will have to pay $79 per month while in the Annual Plan users will pay $69 per month and in the annual billing, users will get 2 months of free usage.


All the alternatives of writecream are best at their stages when it comes about comparison then Jasper AI remains at top of all of them.

Still, if you are a startup beginner then you can go with Rytr, if you want to improve your general writing then Copy AI is best for you, and the other two Jasper AI and Shortly AI are mostly useful to multi-seater businesses.

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