NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal 2023 | Exclusive Offer Just $59 (AppSumo Deal)

Are you looking for the NeuronWriter lifetime deal 2023? If yes, then you are in the right place.

NeuronWriter is an AI Content Writer tool with SEO support. NeuronWriter can generate SEO-optimized content with simple clicks.

NeuronWriter usage NLP means Natural language Processing for content generation. This generated content has a higher chance of ranking on google as it almost sounds natural.

Mr. Pawel Sokolowski is the founder of the NeuronWriter Tool. He is the Co-founder of the Contadu Company. Contadu is the Parent company of NeuronWriter.

NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal 2023

neuronwriter lifetime deal

We will have a discussion about some of the main terms and conditions of the Appsumo NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal. 

The Appsumo Lifetime Deal on NeuronWriter will provide lifetime Access to NeuronWriter- Boost SEO with an NLP-driven editor! The Coupon code will be provided for this deal and users have to redeem this code within the period of 60 days of purchase. The Lifetime Access deal with NeuronWriter will also provide the Upcoming future updates for this tool.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee is also provided by AppSumo. If you don’t love it then take your money back within a period of 2 Months.

NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal Plan & Features

NeuronWriter Lifetime deal plan can be stacked and according to stacking users will get features as mentioned below.

Features for Single Stack:

  • 2 Projects
  • 25 Content Optimisations i.e 25 Content Editor Queries Monthly
  • 15,000 Monthly AI Credits (High Quality: 15K Words, Low Quality: 75K Words)
  • Draft Generator (Semi-Automated Content Outline)
  • AI Templates and internal linking features will be available in the upcoming period

Features for 2 Codes Stack:

  • All Above mentioned features with some extra features
  • 5 projects
  • 50 Content Optimisations i.e 50 Content Editor Queries Monthly
  • 30,000 Monthly AI Credits (High Quality: 30KWords, Low Quality: 150KWords)
  • Content Planner (Upcoming feature)
  • Schema Data Explorer (Upcoming Feature)

Features for 3 Codes Stack:

  • All Above mentioned features with some extra features
  • 10 projects
  • 75 Content Optimisations i.e 75 Content Editor Queries Monthly
  • 45,000 Monthly AI Credits (High Quality: 45KWords, Low Quality: 225KWords)
  • Plagiarism check (75 Checks Monthly)
  • Content sharing
  • GSC Integration helps in performance building
  • Unlimited team members & Sharing with access levels
  • Content management with ToDo Manager (Upcoming Feature)

NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal Pricing

The official lifetime deal pricing of NeuronWriter is $750 for a lifetime. But now you can avail of the NeuronWriter in offer pricing of $59 for a single stack for the lifetime.

Note – You will also get the option to claim the Money Back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.

How NeuronWriter Works?

NeuronWriter uses the Language rules and Some Neural information about that language to generate unique content.

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 means GPT-3 Technology is used for the prediction model in language. Specifically, NeuronWriter uses the Da Vinci (v2) which is an advanced and expensive model helping in generating high-quality content that has logic and accuracy.

The special advantage of using NeuronWriter is that it has some knowledge of the latest google Search engine Algorithms only.

So It will try to write the articles and generate the SEO for it according to the latest google algorithms helping in faster rankings.

Features Of NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter offers some exclusive features to the users. Let’s discuss these features in detail.

1) Create a Project

Making individual secret projects for separate requirements can be possible in the NeuronWriter tool. Users can create projects with different domain names that can specifically target some country, language, project currency, and keywords. 

Content analyses feature can be done for individual projects. Keywords and other parameters used for that project will be implemented throughout it.

2) Creating an Analysis

Multiple analysis creation under a single project can be possible here. Creating analysis is simple to just select the Target country, language, and keywords. Just 10 to 30 seconds are required to begin your journey in analysis.

In the analysis section you can get the following analysis:

Competitor Analysis – Top 30 Google search results according to our keywords are analyzed here. Ascending ordered list according to search ranking with the content score, length, page titles, and URL are mentioned in this section. You have the option to choose the competitor’s sites where you want to compete.

Competition Analysis – After selecting the competitors’ articles you can get keyword difficulty scores, and what you have to do for on-page and off-page SEO. Simple tables and analytics can help you to work out after generating the article and doing your SEO by yourself also.

Ideas and Keywords – 500+ keywords list is displayed similarly to your domain. Keywords are shown with similarity to your provided keyword. Keywords list can be exported with simple clicks in excel sheet formats.

3) Content Drafting

Content can be drafted before actually generating the content. We can define the article layout for content generation in that format with some addition of important questions, assets, and guidelines.

Not just about drafting but NeuronWriter has article formatting options like formatting, links, lists, alignments, and images with some extra add-ons provided by editors.

4) AI Writing Tools

NeuronWriter tool comes with 3 different AI content generation tools: Start Paragraph, Expand and Rephrase.

Start Paragraph – It will generate the paragraph according to the input provided. Start Paragraph has one problem of credit consumption as it also repeats the input in output and consumes credits for it. It’s just a waste of credits.

Rephrase Tool – Framing the same paragraph or statement in different formats can be possible with this tool. Plagiarism avoidance is possible with the help of this tool.

Expand Tool – Input can be expanded to a larger extent using this tool. Single sentences to 2-3 sentences can be possible using the Expand tool. The Expand tool is technically trained and has great knowledge to expand answers to questions.

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5) Generating quality Setting

NeuronWriter has 2 qualities to generate content. Low and High are them. High-Quality content will consume the 1 credit for 1 word generation. Low-Quality content will consume 0.2 credit per word generation, which means we can generate 5 words in 1 credit consumption.

Low-Quality content is not the worst and it has some benefits It’s more creative than High-Quality content generation. Also Low quality content is like human written content in the Long form.

Credits Consumption in NeuronWriter

We will just talk about the credit consumption in AppSumo NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal. One Stack of AppSumo NeuronWriter deal will provide 15K Credits every month. That means users can generate up to 15000 Words every month.

The Credits are applicable for all AI writing tools like Paragraphs, Expand, and Rephrasing. Credit consumption is according to the quality chosen.

High quality will consume 1 credit per word while low quality will take 0.2 credits for every word. That means in Low-Quality content generation it will generate 5 words in a single credit. Low-Quality Content generation can generate 75000 words every month.

NeuronWriter Plans & Pricing

NeuronWriter offers 5 premium plans. The features and pricing of each plan are listed below.

1) Bronze Plan

The Bronze plan is made for improving the business rankings.


  • 2 Projects
  • 25 Content Analyses
  • 15000 AI Credits
  • Internal Linking
  • Email support

Price: €19 / Month

2) Silver Plan

The Silver plan is made for all copywriters who want to deliver outstanding results to clients.


  • 5 Projects
  • 50 Content Analyses
  • 30000 AI Credits
  • Internal Linking
  • Content Planner
  • Schema Data Explorer
  • Email & Chat Support

Price: €37 / Month

3) Gold Plan

Gold plan is made for small-sized teams in agencies.


  • 10 Projects
  • 75 Content Analysis
  • 45000 AI Credits
  • Plagiarism Check (75 Monthly)
  • Internal linking
  • Content planner
  • Content sharing
  • Schema Data explorer
  • GSC Integration
  • Content Management
  • Email & Chat Support

Price: €57 / Month

4) Platinum Plan

The platinum plan is made for the users working in large businesses and several domains


  • 25 Projects
  • 100 Content Analyses
  • 60000 AI Credits
  • Plagiarism Check (100)
  • All Gold Plan Features Included

Price: €77 / Month

5) Diamond Plan

Diamond Plan is made for SEO/Content agencies working on multiple projects.


  • 50 Projects
  • 150 Content Analyses
  • 75000 AI Credits
  • Plagiarism Check (150)
  • All Gold Plan Features Included

Price: €97 / Month

Pros of NeuronWriter

The Pros of using NeuronWriter are provided here. You must go through them to get a brief idea about the advantages of this tool.

i) Multiple Languages Support

NeuronWriter supports 170+ languages. That means the horizon is wider and can be targeted with huge content in local languages also.

ii) Excellent content Analysis

Content and keyword analysis are at an expert level like keyword research. It can be used as a keyword analysis tool also.

iii) Powerful and Logical AI-Text

The latest GPT-3 Version of NLP is used in NeuronWriter making is differentiative than other tools in predicting content with the Da Vinci (v2) model. Output generated by NeuronWriter is highly logical and accurate with human readability and human written content touch.

iv) Manual Quality Setup

Users have the option to set quality between Low and High for generating content.

v) Affordable Lifetime Deal

NeuronWriter is a powerful content creation tool for all content creators as well as businesses. The Lifetime deal on NeuronWriter is affordable for everyone with a sufficient amount of credit limit.

Cons of NeuronWriter

Every tool comes with some drawbacks. The drawbacks of NeuronWriter are listed here.

i) No Plagiarism checker

Most of the content generation tools based on AI are providing the inbuilt plagiarism checker tool. NeuronWriter does not provide the Plagiarism checker tool in single stack codes in lifetime deals. You have to purchase 3 stack codes for getting plagiarism checker features.

ii) Complicated UI

NeuronWriter is trying to go with Modern design and hence their design is complex. Multiple functions are implemented in the interface making it difficult to understand. 

iii) Credit consumption Warning Not Provided

Before generating content we should get the credit consumption warning but it does not provide it. Credits get used after running the process and it just displays the consumed credits at the end.


This is all about the NeuronWriter lifetime deal 2023. This AppSumo deal is live for a limited time. So make sure you grab this lifetime deal before the sale gets expires.

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