PictoryGPT For Videos: Create AI Videos with ChatGPT

Do you want to use PictoryGPT for videos more effectively?

Well,  Pictory is a cloud-based AI video maker, you can easily create professional-quality videos in less time!

Currently, they come with their new tool PictoryGPT which turns your single idea into a compelling video in a second and you just have to give some inputs.

In simple words, PictoryGPT is a plugin for ChatGPT resources that makes video creation easy for you.

Let’s dive into the main content, 

What is PictoryGPT for videos?

pictorygpt for videos

PictoryGPT aims to support businesses and brands in producing high-quality videos that captivate and inspire their viewer to take action, along with the integration of ChatGPT!

This technology, created by a team of highly competent engineers and machine learning professionals, who wants to transform how videos are generated, edited, and enhanced. 

With this tool, you can take a basic idea like, “Make a 1-2 minute video on preventing Air pollution” and it will create a full video in a second. 

However, Pictory is an artificial intelligence powered video creation platform which converts long-form content like podcasts, blogs, webinar, and white papers into short, highly shareable and valuable videos which are easy to understand and share. 

It swiftly turns text into excellent videos even if you have no technical and video editing experience. 

With this tool, anyone can create stunning YouTube videos, regardless of experience level. 

So, Pictory’s ChatGPT video generator allows you to makes videos straight from your thoughts, & following are top 4 features of Pictory’s ChatGPT video generator –

  • Easy, efficient AI completes the difficult task for you.
  • Select Your Voice: Use your lifelike AI voices or record your own voiceover. 
  • Largest media library with over 10 millions royalty-free pictures, videos & songs.
  • Use text, URLs, or media to quickly make videos, then  repurpose material into bite-sized pieces.

How to get started with the PictoryGPT AI tool?

PictoryGPT for videos has been creating headlines in the video production world, claiming to change how we produce and improve videos!

To get started with PictoryGPT, you have to following steps:

Step 01 – Click here to visit ChatGPT official website, then You have to create a ChatGPT account or you can use an existing one also! 

Here you need a Plus subscription of ChatGPT which costs $20 per month, and then you get instant access to PictoryGPT. 

However, considering the wide range of creative tools you have access to, this is probably more than worthwhile to invest money!

Step 02 – Then you must access the GPT store by clicking “Explore GPTs“ on the left side toolbar of the ChatGPT account, and keep in mind that you can only access the GPT store if you have a paid plan of ChatGPT.

Following are the pricing of ChatGPT –

Step 03 – Next, search Pictory in the GPT store, and you will see the “PictoryGPT for videos” plugin, download it in a ChatGPT account without any additional costs.

Now you have downloaded the “PictoryGPT for videos” plugin, and you get instant access to the PictoryGPT right now, and start exploring this amazing tool.

Step 04 – You have to write a prompt for the video you want to create by using PictoryGPT, such as “Make a 1-2 minute awareness video on preventing Air pollution” and it will create a full video in a second.

Instead of writing a topic for video creation, you can also create a detailed script document which describes the video you want to create using ChatGPT, and simply upload it.

However, you may use ChatGPT to create a script for a video with any caption you want, and can produce captions in 29 languages which are offered by Pictory in their any plan.

Note that, only Pro and Teams plan buyers have instant access to voiceover features which comes with additional 29 languages that means you can do voice over in many languages within the Pictory app.

Step 05 – Based on your prompt, ChatGPT will generate a script that you can approve or modify according to your needs and ideas.

Now you have to read the created video script carefully, and where changes are needed you can change it according to your mind.

Step 06 – Ultimately, you have to approve the script means just type the yes in the prompt box, after this ChatGPT sends a script to Pictory where AI technology reads the text of script and matches the keywords with a variety of clips.

Additionally, the video produced by Pictory also comes with background music, voiceover and subtitles, and these extra features look amazing.

Step 07 –  From this page, you may download or again edit your completed video, as well as preview it, and you can sign up for a free Pictory account also.

With Pictory’s GPT plugin, you may experiment with video ideas using AI technology without having to invest money or time.

Check to see whether the new YouTube video you made with PictoryGPT will be a hit or get success over YouTube, and then see how their AI video generator can produce videos for your brands in a matter of minutes.

You don’t have any excuse not to make excellent and engaging videos from anyplace if you already have a ChatGPT Plus membership.

Plans & Pricing of ChatGPT- Which plan is best for you?

Therefore, ChatGPT typically provides two plans, which includes full access to ChatGPT’s all features, and plans are as follows-

  • ChatGPT free plan – The standard ChatGPT at capacity
  • ChatGPT Plus plan – costs $20 per month (includes priority access when it is down)
  • Team plan – costs $25 per month which includes features of Plus plan with extra features.

To put it briefly, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence platform designed to make it possible for anyone on the earth to produce any kind of content ten times faster. 

Well, ChatGPT’s plans are so affordable and entirely adjustable, in order to get started with ChatGPT you need to visit their official website https://chat.openai.com/#pricing and buy their team’s plan which comes with all features!

When you buy their Paid plan, you get instant access to their GPT Store which comes with a lot of plugins, and it includes the “PictoryGPT For Videos” plugin which helps you make AI generated videos within the ChatGPT platform.

What are the features of PictoryGPT for videos?

Creating engaging and captivating videos in a matter of minutes with the help of AI becomes possible due to PictoryGPT, and there are a lot of features that come with this tool!

Now, you can offer PictoryGPT any length of prompt you wish, but high quality prompts will always result in higher quality scripts and videos.

Let’s have eyes on features,

  • Comes with support for more than 29 languages 
  • You can write video script in a single platform 
  • This tool create videos with voiceover, background music
  • You can create videos in any duration via this tool
  • It comes with powerful AI technology which is fast & accurate 
  • There are many tones for video, and you can select a tone that suits you!

These are the main features of PictoryGPT, and because of these features you can create any type of video with the help of AI in a minute.

Why should you use AI tools for content creation?

You already know that artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly changed sectors worldwide in recent years, rapidly becoming a revolutionary factor.

Now that we enter 2024, AI tools and software are becoming more important for enterprises, brands, content creators, digital marketing agency owners, and it offers a variety of benefits such as it saves time, and money.

There many reasons to use AI tools in your daily life, and below are some reasons –

1. Efficiency – Artificial intelligence tools can automate repetitive tasks, saving time and effort. They can generate content far faster than manual approaches, allowing you to create more in less time.

2. Consistency – This AI tool helps to maintain consistent brand voice and messaging which is essential for developing a strong and recognizable brand.

3. Cost-effectiveness – Automating content creation with AI can help to cut content writer expenses associated with human content writing and editing. Once established, AI tools can continue producing content without any extra costs, but you have to review AI content.

4. Data-driven insights –  An AI tool can create content that is more likely to connect with your target audience by analysing data patterns and user behaviour. You will get more engagement and boost in rank from AI generated data driven content.

5. Instant translation & localization – You already know that AI powered translation tools can help with multi language content translation, which makes content distribution easier to a worldwide audience.  

6. Content Enhancement – The AI tools can help to improve the quality of writing by pointing out problems, suggesting changes, and coming up with original ideas. 

7. Innovation & Creativity – All the tools related to AI can generate fresh ideas and innovative techniques by examining a variety of patterns that are not immediately noticeable to humans.

8. Adaptability – Most of the AI solutions are flexible enough to adjust in the market, and offer best content to attract the audience by researching on content trends. Because of its adaptability, content creators are able to remain current and sensitive to changing environments

9. Personalised content – By personalising content, you may improve user experience, boost engagement, and you can build closer bonds with your audience.

FAQs on PictoryGPT

The following is a compilation of some of the most popular questions regarding PictoryGPT for videos, and ChatGPT AI tool:

What is PictoryGPT?

PictoryGPT aims to support businesses and brands in producing high-quality videos that captivate and inspire their viewer to take action, along with the integration of ChatGPT!

How to get started with the PictoryGPT plugin?

Click here to visit ChatGPT’s official website, and then buy the ChatGPT Plus plan which comes with the PictoryGPT plugin in their GPT store.

Does PictoryGPT for videos come with a free trial?

Yes, you have free access to the “PictoryGPT for videos” plugin but you must buy ChatGPT’s paid plan to access it!

What features does PictoryGPT offer?

This tool comes with features such as creating video in more than 29 languages, offers the largest media library with over 10 millions royalty-free pictures, videos & background music, and access to instant voiceover features.

Is any experience needed to get started with PictoryGPT?

You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to get started with PictoryGPT, you just need to watch any tutorial on the site.

How does PictoryGPT for videos work?

With the use of a potent deep learning neural network, PictoryGPT analyses input data to produce engaging & attractive video with eye-catching graphics, and seamless transitions.

What are the drawbacks of PictoryGPT?

The video produced by PitoryGPT may lack uniqueness and creativity, and one must take into account a certain amount of predictability and repetitiveness.


Pictory is a cloud-based AI video maker tool, you can easily create professional-quality videos in less time! 

With Pictory’s assistance, over 2 million people have produced more than 5 millions videos, and its integration with ChatGPT makes scripting and creating AI video simple, quick. 

Currently, they come with their new tool PictoryGPT that integrates with ChatGPT which turns your single idea into a compelling video in a second and you just have to give a script. 

You don’t have to script for a video which means ChatGPT will do it for you! 

Their appealing and smooth interface makes the process of video production easy, and enjoyable for a lot of people.

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