ContentForge Lifetime Deal Just $49 – Grab The Deal Before Ends

Are you looking for the ContentForge lifetime deal? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Because in this article I will be sharing with you the best discounted lifetime deal link along with the features and advantages of ContentForge. This deal comes at just $49, a one-time purchase.

ContentForge lifetime deal is live on the AppSumo platform. This deal is available for a limited time and can expire anytime.

So make sure you grab the deal before it ends and enjoy copywriting with ContentForge ai.

What is ContentForge?

contentforge lifetime deal

ContentForge is copywriting assistant software. It’s AI-based content writing software making copywriting tasks much more manageable. ContentForge is making the task of all copywriters easy, simple and productive.

ContentForge is the best tool for all those users who want high-quality content in just a few clicks. It is helpful for all marketers, developers, writers, website owners, and content creators.

ContentForge Lifetime Deal 2023

contentforge lifetime deal

ContentForge offers two premium plans on a monthly and yearly billing system. But currently, a lifetime deal of ContentForge on the AppSumo platform will cost you only $49.

Features in ContentForge Lifetime Deal

There is no monthly renewal or yearly renewal in the ContentForge Lifetime deal purchase. Users will get one coupon to redeem, and if you redeem it within 60 days, you can claim this lifetime deal.

Users will get all the latest updates and features from contentForge if purchase this lifetime deal. Also, have a money-back guarantee option. If someone doesn’t love the features and AI power of  ContentForge then they can take the money back within 60 days.

Lifetime Deal Plan Details:

  • Users can generate 10,000 words per month. It has nearly 50,000 plus characters
  • Users will get access to all 21+ tools provided by ContentForge
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited long documents – blogs and articles
  • Can generate content in 24+ languages
  • Long-form content can be generated here
  • Live chat support with email support

Extra Add-Ons in ContentForge Lifetime Deal

Users have some extra options to add and increase the word limit by adding the same plan in the stack. Let’s have look at this:

  • Add the same plan once again that is stack it twice then you will get a 20,000 words generation limit every month
  • Stack it 3 times then you will get a 30,000 words generation limit every month
  • Stack it 4 times then you will get a 40,000 words generation limit every month
  • Stack it 5 times then you will get a 50,000 words generation limit every month

How Does ContentForge Works?

Tools feature available on ContentForge is helpful to generate simple short articles but for generating long articles document feature is given here.

Generating the content is simpler in ContentForge. We will take one example of generating product detailed information through ContentForge.

Step 1- We have to provide some short details about our product like Product name and Product specifications to make guesses through AI.

Step 2- Just by clicking on the generate option you will get a number of results showing your provided product information. 

Step 3- You have the option to mark the content as liked or another option is provided there for editing the same content there and then saving it.

Features of ContentForge AI

Now let’s have a look at the features and advantages of using ContentForge over other ai writing assistant tools.

1) Simple Interface

The UI of the ContentForge website is simplistic enough and everyone can easily navigate through it. They also have guidance videos on the homepage to make people aware of using their tools.

2) eCommerce Content

E-Commerce related content like product information, product names, descriptions, and listicles can be generated by ContentForge. The all-generated content has meaning and is also SEO optimized.

Those who want to list their products on amazon then also have the option to generate better descriptions about products through ContentForge.

3) Blog Content

Blog post generation without any idea can be done through ContentForge. Yes, because through ContentForge you can generate the ideas, outlines, blog titles, introductions, and blog closing with AI-powered tools. Large-sized content like blog posts can be generated here.

4) Digital Ads Generation

Creating ads is literally a difficult task because it takes a lot of time and money for the best ideas. You can generate the Google ads, Facebook ads, and LinkedIn Ads from ContentForge. You can directly generate ads using this feature and run campaigns fastly.

5) Multi-Language Support

ContentForge provides 24+ languages to generate content according to your requirements. AI will support all the details according to your language. AI will do its task when you select the language option of language. Users have full control of output as well as input languages.

6) 21+ Separate Tools

All plans from the free plan support access to all tools. Users can generate the article, digital ads copy, blog ideas, and marketing content through separate and specially made tools respective to the requirement.

7) Marketing Tools

ContentForge is basically a market-related model. It usually helps all the users with marketing models and copywriting formulas. ContentForge can help you to make lead generations through AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) with PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution) techniques and tools.

8) Free Trial Without Credit Card

ContentForge also provides a free trial as well as all other plans without any requirement of credit card details.

Mostly it’s problematic for most people to get a credit card and purchase such tools. It’s simple to purchase ContentForge Plan from the official site as well as the Our Lifetime deal section without any credit card details.

Plans and Pricing of ContentForge

Along with the free trial and the lifetime deal, ContentForge comes with two premium plans. You can grab these tools on monthly billing and annual billing system.

For yearly billing, you will get 2 months of free access to ContentForge premium plans.

ContentForge Free Trial

ContentForge also offers a free trial for all its new users with some limitations. Users can generate 1000 words through the free trial. The important and very useful point about this ContentForge Free trial is that users don’t have to provide any credit card details to try the ContentForge.

Free Trial is provided with Access to all tools with unlimited projects and document support. Users can take advantage of this free trial for 7days.

ContentForge Standard Plan

ContentForge standard plan comes at $29 per month for monthly billing and $290/year for annual billing.

Standard Plan is the basic plan for all beginners who want to save time for copywriting and generating high-quality content. This plan includes 20,000 words generated every month.

Users can access all the tools of ContentForge with unlimited projects and documents. There is no limitation on seats which means any small institution or group of people can try this plan.

ContentForge Unlimited Plan

This plan comes at $99/mo for monthly billing and $990/year for the annual billing system.

As shared in the name this plan provides the Unlimited features and limitless generation. Users don’t have any monthly limitation on word generation per month. All features are available here as in the previous standard plan.

But here users have some limited seats and for every extra seat, we have to pay $ 49 per month and per-seat basis.


ContentForge is a new tool in the market, but it will definitely lead the market because of its excellent features and affordability.

If you are a content writer or copywriter, you should grab the ContentForge lifetime deal at just $49 from the AppSumo platform. This deal is available for a limited time, so grab the deal as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the ContentForge lifetime deal you can drop a comment, I will try my best to answer your queries.

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