Copymatic vs Writesonic – Which AI Writer Is Better In 2023?

Are you looking for a detailed comparison of Copymatic vs Writesonic? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

The AI content-generating tools market is rapidly growing nowadays. Choosing the best among them according to our requirements is difficult without trying them. But our experience with tools can make this task easier for you to make a choice.

Comparison can be done between the tough competitors and in the AI writing tools segment Copymatic and Writesonic are the tackling competitors.

We are going to share which tool is best for you in which segment according to our experience. Will go through Copymatic and Writesonic tools overview, features, differences and similarities, and pricing with some additional offers and deals.

Overview of Copymatic

copymatic vs writesonic

Copymatic is one of the best copywriting software working with Artificial Intelligence technology. It is efficient enough to create content very fast and effectively. Generating articles with Copymatic is easier without any issues of human readability and interactiveness. Users can generate long-form content through Copymatic within a short period. 

Multiple content formats are available on Copymatic. It varies from marketing agencies to single bloggers. Including tools like title generators, Intro and outlines generators, Main content, and content idea generator, ad copies, cold emails, and many more. Copymatic has 50+ various tools.

Content generated from Copymatic or any content generation tool should generate content that is 100% copyright free as well as unique. Copymatic not just provides the above two things but also provides SEO-Optimized content with a high human readability score. Generated content has gone through an automatic grammar check process. 

Copymatic has some advanced features which are easily accessible through different devices. Copymatic also provides a Chrome extension for using the Copymatic tool with any editor in the Chrome browser.

Overview of Writesonic

Writesonic is a huge user base AI content generation tool. Writesonic created this tool in such a way that it can be useful for individual users to bigger-sized businesses.

AI-based content has some different tests than human-written content. But tools like Writesonic are doing great work in segments by providing great content without any looseness in quality.

Writesonic’s interface is easy to use for any non-technical person also. Writesonic provides a free trial also and hence users can try out their features. Writesonic is popular for generating engaging as well as converting content. 

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Writesonic has multiple writing tools differentiated into multiple categories of Marketing, Content, Blogging, and Emails. Article summarizer, Article Rewriter, and Sentence Expander are some of the basic tools and Ad Copies, Cold Mails, Blog intros, outro, and long-form content writing are advanced tools.

SEO-optimized content is the advantage of Writesonic. AIDA Framework and Pain-Agitate-Solutions are the more advanced features of Writesonic helpful for advanced SEO in the e-commerce segment and content creation.

Features Comparison of Copymatic and Writesonic

Here we have covered the feature-wise comparisons of both tools. You can read them for better knowledge of the Copymatic and Writesonic features.

1) Long-Form: Copymatic vs Writesonic

Writesonic and Copymatic both can generate long-form content. Writesonic takes more advantage here as it comes with Article Writer 4.0, Article Writer 4.0 is capable of generating 3000 words at a time with simple inputs. 

Copymatic is also good enough. The issue with Copymatic is that it never keeps the voice of content the same everywhere in the whole article. Copymatics SEO is good on Writesonic.

The Human Readability score of Writesonic is more than Copymatic generated content. Formatting of the content generated in Long Form from Writesonic is well structured and stepwise.

2) Multiple Templates: Copymatic vs Writesonic

Every AI content generator tool user is looking for as many features as possible. Copymatic and Writesonic come in the first two places in the market for providing multiple content templates.

Writesonic takes over Copymatic in just a single facility of ChatGPT like the tool ChatSonic.

If you skip this template then Both are at the same level regarding multiple content generation templates.

3) AI Technology: Copymatic vs Writesonic

Everyone is amazed by the ChatGPT name in today’s era. Artificial Intelligence has different versions and technologies at the backend making it more powerful with every different technology. 

Copymatic and Writesonic both tools use the GPT-3 technology for content generation backend. GPT-3 is the most recent AI technology generating human-readable content.

Writesonic is more improved than Copymatic as it includes Chatsonic integration. Chatsonic is helpful for generating unique content.

4) Paraphrasing: Copymatic vs Writesonic

Re-writing content feature is also helpful when a user wants to create more correct content than his written one. Writesonic and Copymatic both come with paraphrasing facilities. Both are good enough in generating huge content.

The rewritten content is totally different from the previous one, making lots of grammatical changes and changing voices. 

Users have the option to put long content and choose tones from varieties. Everything will be carried out without any mistakes as both tools have integration of grammar checker tools and plagiarism check facility.

5) WordPress Plugin: Copymatic vs Writesonic

Most of the blogs are now hosted on WordPress. Not only blogs but almost 40% plus websites are also based on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a growing platform and Writesonic takes care to keep up with the era.

Writesonic has a plugin for WordPress which will give access to Writesonic to the WordPress dashboard directly. Copymatic doesn’t have any such plugin.

6) Languages Support: Copymatic vs Writesonic

At the moment, Copymatic comes in 28 languages including mostly used English US and UK, Spanish, French, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and many more.

While Writesonic is a little behind Copymatic as it has 24 languages content generation facility. Writesonic does not include the Hindi language. It has English, French, German, Chinese, Greek, and many more top languages.

7) Free Trial: Copymatic vs Writesonic

Copymatic offers a free trial for unlimited days. This free trial comes with 1,500 credits. Users can generate multiple content forms like long-form content up to 1000 words, a few paragraphs, some elements, ad copies, SEO, and cold emails in the free trial. All 81+ tools can be accessed in a free trial plan. 

Writesonic also offers a free trial plan with 10 credits of usage. One generation of the Writesonic will cost 1 credit and it can generate 120 words. That means its credits are almost equal to 1200 words generated in a free trial. 

Copymatic and Writesonic don’t ask for Credit card details at the time of signing in for a free trial.

Plans & Pricing Comparison of Copymatic and Writesonic

Let us now compare the pricing of both tools and find out which tool is value for money.

Here we have discussed all the plans of Copymatic and Writesonic:

Copymatic Plans

Copymatic comes with 2 different plans and multiple-word limitations options. On yearly billing, Copymatic users can get 4 months of free means 4 months of pricing you don’t need to pay.

1. Copymatic Pro Plan

Copymatics pro plan starts at just Rs. 690 on monthly basis. It includes access to all the tools available on the platform with unlimited user seats. No limitation on project creation in this plan.

All languages are supported in this plan with API access to integrate tools anywhere. SEO Keyword Research and Plagiarism checker is included in the plan. Just have some limitation of 5000 words plagiarism check in the PRO plan. 

WordsMonthly BillingAnnual Billing
15,000690 Rs/ Month460 Rs/ Month
50,0001990 Rs/ Month1326 Rs/ Month
200,0003490 Rs / Month2326 Rs/ Month
400,0006990 Rs/ Month4660 Rs/ Month
800,00013990 Rs / Month9326 Rs/ Month
1,600,00027990 Rs/ Month18660 Rs/ Month
3,200,00055990 Rs/ Month37326 Rs/ Month

2. Copymatic Enterprise Plan

Enterprise plan is made for businesses that want customized features. It includes all Pro plan features with the extra benefits of a Dedicated account manager and Custom Tools options.

Human editing and proofreading are the most powerful features provided by Copymatic. Pricing of the Enterprises plan varies according to customized features.

Writesonic Plans

Writesonic comes with 3 different plans among which we already discussed the free trial. Let’s have a look at the other two plans.

Writesonic has different types of word quality and users have the option to choose between word qualities.

1. Writesonic Long Form Plan

Long Form plan is made for bloggers, individual workers, startups, and freelancers. It’s mostly used by content marketing freelancers and bloggers. 

The long-form plan includes access to all features and tools provided by Writesonic. The complete article writer is included in the Long Form plan. Writesonic planning to launch the new features like research mode and workflows which will be included in this plan also. 

Users have API access to this purchase. Integration of surfers is also included in the plan with priority access and technical support on priority. 

Words (premium quality)UsersMonthly BillingAnnual Billing
19,0001$19/ Month$12.67 / month
75,0005$49/ Month$32.67 /Month
160,0005$99 / Month$66 / Month
350,00010$199 / month$132.67 / Month
900,00012$499 / month$332.67 / Month
2,000,00015$999 / Month$666 / Month

2. Writesonic Custom Plan

Custom plans are made for large teams and businesses whose requirements are not satisfied in the Long Form plan. Everything is custom in this plan with custom AI development.

Invoicing options and training sessions are some extra features included for teams. The dedicated account manager is also provided in the Custom plan. 

For pricing, users have to contact the Writesonic Sales department.

Word Quality Conversion – 100 premium words generated by Writesonic is equal to 250 Good Quality words, equivalent to 500 average quality words, and equivalent to 1000 economy quality words.


In almost all features Writesonic is ahead of Copymatic but in the pricing segment, Copymatic wins the race.

For affordability and content quality with multiple features, Copymatic is a good tool helpful for small-sized agencies.

Copymatic is also helpful for regional language content in India.  Writesonic is in the premium segment with some limitations with more quality.

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