[LIVE] Writesonic Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2023 → Grab Instant 53% Discount

Writing engaging content was problematic before some days but now Writesonic like AI-Powered content writing tools are helping to generate content.

Generating Highly converting ads, blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, ideas, and many more content types.

Live Writesonic Black Friday Sale 💰

This is the biggest Writesonic sale of the year. Usually, users get a 33% discount on annual plans, but during the Black Friday sale users with getting an extra 20% discount. That is a 53% discount on Writesonic.

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The Sale Ends on 30th November!

During the Writesonic Black Friday Deal users can grab a 53% discount on regular pricing. The offered pricing is the lowest pricing among all sales and seasons on Writesonic.

So it’s a great opportunity to grab the best deal on your favorite tool.

Writesonic Black Friday Deals 2022

Writesonic Black Friday Deal 2022 will be live soon and during the Black Friday Sale 2022 users can get a 53% discount on all plans.

Separate plan pricing is mentioned in the following point. On an annual billing cycle, users will get a 33% discount with a year of subscription.

During checkout don’t forget to use the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY” to activate the Writesonic Black Friday deal 2022.

How to activate the Writesonic Black Friday Deal 2022?

Following the simple steps you can activate the Writesonic Black Friday Deal 2022. These steps can help you to claim the best discount of 2022 on Writesonic.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit the official website of Writesonic. Its special link so go through the same.

Step 2: Select the Start Writing for Free option available in front of you.

Step 3: You need to create the writesonic account by providing some details like Your Name, Email Address and Password. These are the fields required whenever you choose the option of signing up with email. But there is another simple option which is Sign in with Google.

You just need to click on the option and allow some permissions through your Google Id for logging in to Writesonic.

Step 4: Your account is now created and now it’s time to upgrade the plan and claim the Writecream Black Friday Deal 2022. The Upgrade Now button will be available in the bottom left corner. Click on it to proceed to the billing page.

Step 5: Choose your required plan at the billing page from different options. 

Step 6: You have two options to choose a billing cycle.Monthly billing cycle will show normal pricing while Choosing Yearly Billing cycle will lead to two months free offer.

Step 7: Still you got only a 33% discount! Use the following promo code to get a 53% more discount on your purchase. 

Writesonic Black Friday Deal 2022 Promo Code – BLACKFRIDAY

Step 8: After doing all above steps and applying Promo Code, click on Subscribe option to proceed towards checkout.

Step 9: Its last step now, Just make payment through your choice option. You can pay through GPay or Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

Congratulations User! You have claimed the Writesonic Black Friday Sale 2022 Deal.

What is Writesonic?

writesonic black friday

Writesonic is a powerful AI-based Content writing or generating tool. Writesonic is popular for generating human-readable human-written likely content. This tool works on GPT-3 Neural network based technology. 

Let’s Discuss Writesonic Pros and Cons:


  • Writesonic offers a free trial with access to all its features, providing an earlier trial of all features.
  • No Credit Card required.
  • Support all 25 Plus languages and updates are coming rapidly
  • Simple and easy to use UI
  • Plans don’t have feature limits. Just you have credit limitations.
  • PAYG- Pay As You Go
  • Run time update facility is available.


  • No Multi-User access for Smaller plans
  • Problem in bigger plans with less number of seats.

Writesonic Plans and Pricing

Writesonic updated the plan list according to word requirements and now provides 8 different plan options with 2 free plans. Let’s get more information about all these plans and pricing.

1) Free Trial Plan

Users can try the Free Trial provided by Writesonic without paying any cost. Get deep diving into the discussion of features that you will get in the Free Trial Plan.

  • User will have access to 50+ AI-based Templates
  • All 25+ languages can be accessed through Free Trial
  • Landing Page Generator
  • 1- Click WordPress Export
  • Use Writesonic free trial with browser extensions
  • AI Article Writer
  • Sonic Editors access which can be used as like Google docs editor

There are changes in word generation limits according to the Chosen quality of plans. Enlisting the Pricing and word limit according to the quality of the Free Trial plan in the following data,

Words2,500 Words6,250 Words
Price$0 / Month$0 / Month

Free Trial Plan offers single user seats and Average and Economy Quality is not provided in Free Trial.

2) Short Form

Short form plan is made for just hobbyists. Those who are starting out in marketing and blogging can start with this plan.

Here are the features of the Short Form plan,

  • Access to all 50+ AI Templates
  • Can generate content in 25+ Languages 
  • Landing Page Generator
  • 1- Click WordPress Export
  • Browser Extensions

Short plans have 4 different plans according to word limits but in each quality of plan we have 3 different pricings according to seats we choose. 

i) Quality Premium

Words12,000 Words22,500 Words45,000 Words
Pricing$10 / Month$16.67 / Month$26.67 / Month

ii) Quality Good

Words30,000 Words56,250 Words112,500 Words
Pricing$10 / Month$16.67 / Month$26.67 / Month

iii) Quality Average

Words60,000 Words112,500 Words225,000 Words
Pricing$10 / Month$16.67 / Month$26.67 / Month

iv) Quality Economy

Words90,000 Words168,750 Words337,500 Words
Pricing$10 / Month$16.67 / Month$26.67 / Month

3) Long Form

Those who want to generate the Long Articles, Contents for books and stories. Generating long-form content from Writesonic with AI-based article generation is getting better day by day.

Here are some features of the Long Form Plan from writesonic,

  • All Short Form Plan Features are available in Long form Plan
  • Custom Branding feature
  • Bulk Processing
  • Priority Access to all New Upcoming features
  • Custom features can be requested
  • Priority Support
  • AI Article Writer
  • Sonic Editor with all Features like Google Docs editor

i) Quality Premium

Words15,000 Words60,000 Words130,000 Words275,000 Words700,000 Words1,600,000 Words
Pricing$13 / Month$33 / Month$66 / Month$133 / Month$333 / Month$666 / Months

ii) Quality Good

Words37,500 Words150,000 Words325,000 Words687,500 Words1,750,000 Words4,000,000 Words
Pricing$13 / Month$33 / Month$66 / Month$133 / Month$333 / Month$666 / Months

iii) Quality Average

Words75,000 Words300,000 Words650,000 Words1,375,000 Words3,500,000 Words8,000,000 Words
Pricing$13 / Month$33 / Month$66 / Month$133 / Month$333 / Month$666 / Months

iv) Quality Economy

Words112,500 Words450,000 Words975,000 Words2,062,500 Words5,250,000 Words12,000,000 Words
Pricing$13 / Month$33 / Month$66 / Month$133 / Month$333 / Month$666 / Months

What is the difference between the words and quality of plan?

Its simple calculation about Words count and quality of plans. Quality of the plan just depends on word quality. 

100 Premium Quality words are equal to 250 Good Quality words or 500 Average Quality words or 750 Economy Quality words. That means getting more quantity of words is possible by going with economy quality.

FAQs Related to Writesonic Black Friday Sale

Here are some main questions which are asked by most readers about Writesonic and Writesonic Black Friday Deal 2022.

What is Writesonic?

Writesonic is the AI-powered content generating tool helping for better marketing content generation using GPT-3 technology.

Writesonic is used by users for content generation of different formats like Facebook and Google ads and ad copies, landing page generation, Blog post header and intros with ideas, eCommerce content like product information, descriptions and titles, etc.

When the Writesonic Black Friday 2022 Sale Will Start?

The Writesonic Black Friday Sale is supposed to start on 22 November 2022. Well, the official date is not announced yet.

How to Create Content With Writesonic?

Generating the content from Writesonic is easier. Writesonic works in simple steps such as creating an account in the first step. Then users will get multiple tools and templates in front. In the next stage, you have to provide some brief information as input to the template of Writesonic. Clicking on generating content will generate the content for you.

What is the regular pricing of Writesonic Plans?

There are two premium plans of Writesonic. The short-form plan pricing starts from $10 per month and the long-form plan pricing starts from $13 per month.

Does Writesonic offer a free trial?

Yes, Writesonic offers a free trial for all new users. The free trial gives access to 70+ AI Templates, 25+ Languages access, and a landing page generator. Writesonic also offers browser extension and zapier integration. During the free trial offer, users can use the sonic editor provided by Writesonic.


So, this is all about the Writesonic black Friday cyber monay sale 2022. If you are planning to purchase Writesonic at the cheapest price then black Friday sale is the perfect time for you.

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