12+ Best Group Buy AI Writing Tools (ToolzBuy Writer’s Pack Review)

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If you are looking to buy AI Writing tools at cheap prices, then below we have listed some best group buy AI writing tools available online with their basic to premium features.

All the tools mentioned in this article are available on the ToolzBuy platform. ToolzBuy is one of the most popular group buy tools providers.

So, let’s have a look at the features and pricing of these tools one by one.

Top 15 Cheapest Group Buy AI Writing Tools In 2023

If you are content writer or copywriter then this article will definitely help you to save few dollars on your purchase of your favourite AI writing tools.

Most of the tools in this list you can buy individually. Also the “Writer’s Pack” plan is also available on ToolzBuy. In this plan you can have access to all these tools together.

Pricing of Writer’s Pack – You will get all the tools listed below in the ToolzBuy Writer’s Pack plan. This plan will cost you just $14 per month. In this pricing you will get access to 15 AI writing tools.

1) Rytr Group Buy

Rytr is a content creation platform that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to generate quality structured content in a few seconds.

This writing tool has a trained algorithm pattern that runs on historical data so that it can generate high-engaging content and compelling articles according to suitable content frameworks [style, grammar, word limit] and tone.

This AI writing assistant generates long-form content within 30-40 mins, without any human intervention, but if you want to customize the articles, you can perform it with the editor mode.

It can generate various topics on different niches such as business, news, personal blogs, website content, reviews, technology, etc.


  • Has inbuilt plagiarism + grammar checker tool
  • Multiple content extensions that help to generate or edit the content easily [character / word / tone / style] checker. 
  • Provides over 1500+ topic ideas on different niches
  •  Form generator that helps to personalize the content using your custom styles.
  • Rytr.me login facility for the users to save their progress work in the database.

2) Quill Bot Group Buy

It is the most powerful AI writing tools from the general ones which are only limited to generating content based on old school algorithms. 

QuillBot is an essential online tool for digital hustlers and students as well because it can write citations too. No long registration and signup is required to use the features, just click and run. 

It has the latest technology, plagiarism and other editing tools that provide high-quality articles which are unique and engaging to the audiences.


  • Integrated MS Word / Google Workspace Extension.
  • Inbuilt powerful – (Plagiarism / Grammar / Paraphrase) tools that help to generate quality ranking content. 
  • Has a Co-writer assistant that helps in creating contents and providing multiple ideas on different niches.
  • Citation Generator that guides users to track & cite user’s citations. 
  • It has a Content Summarizer that creates a short overview or summary of the article.

3) Grammarly Group Buy

Grammarly is a dedicated Grammar Assistant tool that works with AI to inspect the multiple contents such as [Grammar, tone, style, clarity], these help in maintaining the quality of the article so that your audience can easily understand the contents. 

It comes with an advanced spell check that corrects the word and sentences based on the tone or clarity of the article. This tool is more preferred by students as it has many dedicated features for them such as [Academic tones for project writings, Research Papers, etc] it helps to represent these contents without any grammar & plagiarism.


  • Integrated MS Word / Google Workspace / Browser Extension.
  • Has inbuilt – [Plagiarism / Grammar / Tone / Clarity / Style / Spell] checker tools that help to create classy articles.  
  • Enjoy error-free proofreading 
  • Long-form content editor with exclusive tools 
  • Multiple Style suggestions with Automatic Punctuation correction

4) Wordtune Group Buy

It is the AI writing assistant best suitable for paraphrasing the contents, it also supports integrated web browser extension to diversify its compatibility. The long-form document editor generates engaging and amazing content on the go. 

The editor mode also helps in self-editing guidance with best paraphrasing suggestions. This AI tool can work along with many different online tools, so you don’t need to worry about its integration feature. 


  • Dedicated paraphrasing guidance on short / long form contents.
  • Multiple tone options based upon the content.
  • Inbuilt [Grammar / Plagiarism / Spell] checker.
  • Expand or shorten the length of the content.
  • MS-Office + Browser Integration

5) Texta AI Group Buy

This AI tool is all in one software for Digital & Online Business marketers. It helps to boost the [Startups / SMEs / SMBs / Agencies], it has a simple web-based interface which is easy to use through which you can create multiple contents in different styles and structures. 

It also helps in Social media content moderation, Copy disk, Pattern grading and Tool tracking, this helps in generating the top quality contents for your audiences so that they can find necessary information quickly.


  • Comes with multiple writing tools 
  • Social Media Content moderation
  • Generates multiple contents like – [Website, Sales, Ad copy]
  • Multiple Startup tools available

6) Linguix Group Buy

It is a wonderful Ai writing software that inspects various writing strictness and regulations, it is a budget friendly tool made specially for [Content Writers, Digital Marketers, Article Writers]. This tool also comes with a basic assignment checking feature that is essential for students. 

With its inbuilt multiple content cases and resources, your audiences will find value in your generated content, thus helping to increase the reach quickly and efficiently. 


  • Advanced Deep Plagiarism Checker 
  • Dedicated Google Chrome browser extension
  • Paraphrasing tool 
  • Multiple custom style guides
  • Integration on Multiple platforms
  • Ready to use Content templates

7) Instoried Group Buy

It is a content creation software program that helps to boost your engagement by your readers / visitors in order to get high sales / leads / traffic. Has NLP technology that works magically to determine the information and style or tone of the content. 

The Artificial Intelligence of In storied calculates the engagement of the content at real time to provide the accurate and authentic strategy to improve the quality of the content. 


  • Sentence or Paragraph rephraser
  • Dedicated Real time Engagement Metrics
  • Multiple content templates 
  • Inbuilt Grammar / Plagiarism Checker tool
  • Tone / Style selection based on Content theme

8) Spin Rewriter Group Buy

It is a content spinning writing assistant tool that works on EML Semantic Spinning technology, this unique function of Spin rewriter makes it different from other AI tools, the similar tools work with synonymous matches but here spin rewriter creates its own meaning. 

This tool guides and creates unique content by using the reference sources and generates the relevant content which is Plagiarism free from the source. It spins the content based on its latest technology.


  • Multiple variations available for spinning the content
  • Automatically switches to Sentence / Paragraph level spinning 
  • Provides multiple topic ideas
  • Wide variety of spinning modes with integrations
  • API supported
  • Unlimited spinning of the article no limits

9) Prowritingaid Group Buy

It is an advanced style editor with an extensive grammar checking program made specially for bloggers, website editors, business enterprises and e-commerce. 

This tool helps to remove the errors, re-edit the words with correct grammar & punctuation easily, thus helps in optimizing the contents. 

It inspects the articles, blog posts, websites content, etc to make it SEO friendly so that you can get better traffic engagements. 


  • Grammar / Tone / Style / Spell checker 
  • Word Suggestions based on the tone of the content
  • Readability measurement
  • Sticky & Run Sentences checker
  • Detects for poor tenses and corrects them

10) Creaitor ai Group Buy

It is also powered by Artificial Intelligence to create and research multiple contents within a few seconds. Helps to generate headlines / main body / intro or outro of the article, thus the process becomes streamlined. 

It allows generating content in a more expressive way for your audiences, you can choose multiple modes, templates and resources to enhance your content creation process for your visitors to get optimum engagements on your websites or blog posts. 

It works based on 3 concepts like [Creation / Improvement / Ideation].


  • Provides huge content templates [60+]
  • Dedicated Shopify + General Product Descriptions
  • Resume maker with Interview questions
  • SEO generations [Meta Descriptions / Keywords / Titles / Schemas]
  • Article Summarizer 
  • Job Description Generator

11) Textwizard io Group Buy

Used by several digital marketers for best copywriting experience, it generates fresh and latest content trends for websites, social media, articles, news, blogs, etc. with a single click. It can generate multiple content types with a seo-friendly structure. 

All you need is to input the content case, provide certain keywords or intro for the content and click to generate the whole content body that is optimized instantly within seconds. 


  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Style / Tone / Plagiarism / Grammar checker 
  • Autocorrect with Sentence formatting
  • Sentence / Paragraph Rephraser
  • Multiple content templates available

12) Wrytly Group Buy

It is an AI writing assistant that provides quality content creations based on your industry or niches, it provides AI recommendations that suit best for your content industry. Create a seo-friendly content within a few seconds and utilize the efforts into other purposes to get faster results. 

It acts as a virtual AI writing assistant for larger enterprises and businesses that provides various features and operations, it runs on the latest GPT-3 AI model, and the interface is easy to use. 


  • Generates multiple Blog / Article topic ideas
  • Third party Grammar / Plagiarism Checker Integration
  • Article / Blog Summarizer 
  • Content Writing commands
  • Supports Multiple content templates
  • SEO generator [Meta Description]

13) WordHero Group Buy

A perfect content writing assistant tool that works based on the artificial intelligence technology to generate the best contents for your audiences easier and faster, it provides a wide range of content templates with multiple resources and inbuilt tools that helps to create, customized or generate contents on different niches. 

The built-in Artificial Intelligence provides instant suggestions and improvements automatically based upon the content structures. 


  • Automatically switches to Editing / Proofreading
  • Human-Friendly easy to use User interface
  • Grammar checker with [Thesaurus / Dictionary]
  • Blog / Articles topic ideas
  • Improves the overall quality of the article with Content Improvement Suggestions function

14) Smart Copy Group Buy

Smart copy lets you create, produce or remix different content cases instantly by its AI-powered functions. You can set your target audiences based on that, it will generate the content that you need for your audience to get better engagement. 

With its content re-generation feature, you can recreate the old content to the latest one, this tool helps to structure the content based upon the niche type and audience. 


  • Re-create any old content to the latest one
  • Inbuilt Grammar / Style / Tone / Editor mode available
  • Multiple content cases with user recommendations
  • Generates trendy topic ideas
  • Sentence or Paragraph formatting

15) Closerscopy Group Buy

It is a copywriting AI tool that has tons of content cases for you to create content on multiple niches and structures such as [Business, Email, Ecommerce, Sales, Social Media, Multiple Ad copies].

It guides the content creation process to produce compelling content within a few seconds in just a few clicks, thus saving you from the expenses of hiring an in-house content writer. The inbuilt tools and resources will boost your content creation process to generate valuable content within no time. 


  • Works on the 3 different AI models for different content structures
  • Multiple Marketing templates + Frameworks
  • Content insights with real time analytics
  • Master Wizard Ad copy guidance
  • 100+ languages supported to generate contents for audiences in their native language
  • Facebook Group Community discussion


Now you don’t need to pay a full whopping amount for one AI writing assistant plan, get your writer’s pack which includes all the tools mentioned above, get instant access & assistance of all the tools.

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