Chatsonic Pricing and Plans 2023 – How Much Does It Costs?

Are you looking for Chatsonic pricing and plans? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Chatsonic is a competitor of the most trending OpenAI tool ChatGPT with some extra superpowers.

Chatsonic claims that they had addressed the limitations and cons of ChatGPT and tried to improve them in their own style.

Chatsonic Pricing and Plans

Before discussing pricing and plans let’s know about word generation quality.

Chatsonic is a sub-product of Writesonic. Writesonic offers 4 different word generation qualities. It includes the Premium, Good, Average, and Economy word quality. 

Users have the option to make choices between word quality in all the plans. Let’s discuss conversion between word quality.

Equivalent Words1002505001000

Here is the detailed description of Chatsonic pricing:

1) Free Trial Plan

  • User: 1
  • Word Limits: 6,250 Words
  • Pricing: $0 per Month

Writesonic is the main plan provider with Chatsonic AI. Chatsonic is an AI tool provided with a free trial of Writesonic. Whatever we are getting in free trial plans is just a taste of AI writing from Chatsonic. 

The free trial consists of all features that the user will be going to get in upgrade plans. But it has limitations. Chatsonic is included in this Writesonic plan. 25 Free generations through Chatsonic are provided every day in Free Trial. 

100 Plus AI templates can be accessed through this plan. It supports all 25 plus languages. Users will get the Landing Page Generator for generating the best content and structure. The best part of the Free Trial is getting the 1 Click export facility to try and export your generation to WordPress blogs. 

Other features are like Zapier integration and AI article writer with Sonic on browser editor included in the free trial also. Sonic editor is the editor like Google docs provided in the browser. Users will get the browser extensions with API access as developer features to try in the free trial.

2) Long Form Plan

Long Form plan is a plan made for bloggers, Freelancers, and businesses. Users have access to this plan with some limitations but some extra features. Its plan is used by many writers and content creators for the writing of blog posts, book writing, and much more long-format text.

All Free Trial plan features are included in the Long form plan from Writesonic. Complete article rewriter for best full content creation is provided in the Long Form plan. API access for developers to integrate the Writesonic and Chatsonic within some developed web applications makes it possible. Bulk Processing for more data in Chatsonic is provided with Long form Plan. 

In the SEO sector, Surfer is a popular SEO provider integration available in Writesonic and Chatsonic. Surfer integration is available in the Long Form plan for more SEO optimization of generated content. Users can also get access to new features on priority with the Long Form Plan. 

Some features like Research Mode and Workflows are coming in the Long Form plan. These features help users to get more specific generated content with some extra research. 

As we are paying some money so priority support is also important. ChatSonic team can help users 24 by 7 without any delay.

Pricing Table with users and limitations:

Words (Good Quality)UsersMonthly Billing PriceAnnual Billing Price
47,5001$ 19 per Month$ 12.67 per Month
187,5005$ 49 per Month$ 32.67 per Month
400,0005$ 99 per Month$ 66 per Month
875,00010$ 199 per Month$ 132.67 per Month
2,250,00012$ 499 per Month$ 322.67 per Month
5,000,00015$ 999 per Month$ 666 per Month

3) Custom Plan

The Custom plan is made for businesses and teams of bigger size whose requirements are not satisfied in Long form plan and those who want some more customized features. Custom plans also have some team facilities making tasks more simplified and seamless going. 

Custom AI model developed for Custom users plan. Everything required for onboarding is provided by the ChatSonic team to users who purchase this plan. Technical Support individual members are given for every user of the custom plan to solve queries on the most priority.

Users can take all the features of the long form in a custom plan. Users have the choice to take the number of words, and the number of users according to customization. Invoicing feature is also included in this plan to give users an invoice for their usage.

A dedicated account manager facility with some technical sessions for the best effective usage of Chatsonic is provided by ChatSonic and Writesonic team.

4) Special Short Form Long Form Plan

Chatsonic comes with some extra Short Form and Long Form plans. These plans are somewhat different from the above.

Short Form ChatSonic is for chatting with AI and content generation in small formats. Long Form is for huge content. Long Form Plans are the same as that of Long Form plans mentioned above.

Short Form Plan pricing starts from $10 per month on an annual billing basis. 3 Different plans are there starting from $15 per month, $25 per Month, and $40 per month on a Monthly billing cycle. Same plans are at $10, $16.67, and $26.67 per month basis in annual billing.

All 3 plans come with different user limitations. The initial plan comes with a single user, the middle one with 2 users, and the last one with 4 users seats allowed.

Special Discount Offer

CharSonic offers a limited period offer for all new users. Users can get 50% off on purchases. This includes the extra 20% benefits on the already given 33% annual pricing discount offer.

Coupon code – LIMITEDCHAT50

Chatsonic Android App

Chatsonic also built their app for on-the-go usage. Downloading a mobile app for android is totally free. No Credit Card is required for using the mobile app of Chatsonic.

The Chatsonic app have all features included in the web browser mode of Chatsonic are included in Chatsonic Mobile App. Mobile apps have some best features like Improved Efficiency, Time Saver, Productivity boosters, and User-Friendly and Intuitive interfaces.

An extra benefit of Voice assistance like Siri or Google Assistant is also provided in the app making tasks simpler.

Chatsonic iOS App

Chatsonic is going to launch the iOS app soon. They have mentioned the early waitlist on their website.

FAQs on Chatsonic Pricing and Plans

Well, I have collected some frequently asked questions related to the Chatsonic pricing and plans, find below the answers to these questions.

Why are Writesonic plans repeated for Chatsonic Plans?

Chatsonic is a Writesonic product as an alternative to ChatGPT with superpowers. Chatsonic comes with Writesonic hence plans are the same as that of Writesonic.

Does Chatsonic offer any Pay-as-you-go feature?

No. Right now Chatsonic doesn’t have any pay-as-you-go offer. Users can take monthly and annual plans for usage.

Does monthly subscription automatically renew?

Yes. The monthly subscription for the Chatsonic gets automatically renewed. Monthly subscriptions get renewed automatically until it gets canceled or paused.

Can users get more words when words limit exhausted?

Yes, users need to upgrade their plan at the same time to get more words. No option for extra word attachments in the same plan. The best part of this upgrade is that users will be charged only an extra amount, not the whole price of the new upgradable plan.


Chatsonic is a great competitor of ChatGPT with some extra benefits of writing factual trending content, generating AI arts, and Generating personality avatars. Chatsonic android app makes it usable anywhere and anytime with voice commands like Google Assistant or Siri making it different from others.

Chatsonic comes with Writesonic and hence Content creators can take major advantage of this pricing and offers.

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