Scalenut vs Jasper AI – Which Tool Is Better In 2023?

Are you looking for Scalenut vs Jasper AI comparison? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Jasper and Scalenut are the main competitors in the AI content writing field. Jasper AI has been a promising name for a long time but Scalenut is achieving new heights day by day. Scalenut is also a comparatively powerful tool with many copywriting tools included in it. 

Today is the time to find the best one from Jasper AI and Scalenut. Going to compare them in each and every aspect so that you can finally determine the best one for your purpose.

Detailed Comparison of Jasper AI & Scalenut

In this article, you will find feature-wise comparisons of both the AI writing assistant tools, so that it becomes easier for you to choose the winner.

1) Templates: Scalenut vs Jasper AI

Let’s find out all the template options available in both tools and check which one is providing more templates.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI comes with 50+ market-ready templates. All templates can provide high-quality content with faster AI. There are multiple forms of content in different types like Ads, Blogs, Ecommerce, Emails, Frameworks, Marketing, SEO, Social media, video, and websites. 

Document and Content summarizers are the best templates for long-form content writing. In the document template, you have multiple options of Freeform with any template to generate content of any type, workflows for writing the complete article, or content starting from basic to end. 

A blog post starter is another one which can generate the title with an initial introductory paragraph for the user.

Content summarizer is like summarizing any provided content into key bullet points within a short span of time.


Scalenut is also providing a huge number of templates within separate categories like Product Description, Q&A content, Article Copywriting, Social Media Posts, Copywriting frameworks, website copy, Video Content, Ad Copies, and many more.

Scalenut provides cruise mode which allows users to create long-form content within a short period of time. Creating a Blog in 5 Minutes is the best cruise mode option available for all users. 

More tools in Powering up the SEO factors are like Create content brief to mostly generate the introductory paragraphs for articles and blogs with Plan Content template to make clusters of Topics that should be included in future workflows.

The functioning of the templates is mostly similar in both Jasper AI and Scalenut. So it doesn’t mean that someone is tackling others and hence both are at the same stage.

2) Features: Scalenut vs Jasper AI

Both tools are at the same stage in the templates manner but both have some differentiating features. 

Jasper AI

Jasper AI has the Jasper Art Unlimited feature which provides the unlimited art generation facility. This feature is just about generating the described image according to your content for your content.

jasper ai vs scalenut

Jasper AI doesn’t have any self-dedicated SEO tool but they are collaborating with Surfer SEO. Users need to have an account on surfer SEO so they can log in to that account and can have access to SEO options. It includes an additional cost. 


Scalenut doesn’t have any Art like features as provided by Jasper. 

Scalenut comes with a Dedicated SEO hub that is going to help all bloggers and marketers. SEO optimization and research for the content can be done with this inbuilt tool and it always goes on suggesting content generation regarding SEO.

scalenut vs jasper ai

Jasper AI is best for generating the describing images but I don’t think it’s helpful for everyone. Every content creator requires SEO and so providing SEO Optimization is the best option in AI content generation tools.

Jasper AI also has SEO integration but it’s paid and Scalenut has a dedicated inbuilt one so Scalenut is preferable over Jasper in terms of features.

3) Quality of Content: Scalenut vs Jasper AI

Most of the reviews are ignoring this point but the Quality of content is more important than the quantity of content provided by tools.

In my opinion, every content writing tool is made best for a specific content niche, but it might be wrong. Whatever input we are providing to the content AI Content writer and what outputs are we getting through minimum content are important.

Jasper AI

In the technical segment, Jasper AI is best over Scalenut according to usage. It might be different according to your niche. 


Scalenut’s articles are looking somewhat incomplete in the tech niche. But they are trying to cover all SEO things and short reframed paragraphs are the benefits over Jasper. 

But as I already said that your niche and your usage matter here about choosing the best quality option from Jasper and Scalenut. So according to your requirements just try both of them and use them. 

You will definitely find out which one is best from Jasper AI and Scalenut in terms of quality. Jasper AI and Scalenut both provide 5 days and 7 days trial periods respectively.

Plans & Pricing: Jasper AI vs Scalenut

Now it’s time to compare the pricing of both the tool and find out the best value for money AI writer among them.

Jasper AI Plans

Jasper AI comes with three premium plans. Let’s have a look at the pricing features of each of these plans.

1) Starter Plan

Jasper AI also says that it’s just a hobbyist plan, not more than that beginner can try this plan with limitations on everything.

The long-form editor is not included in this plan. The basic plan with word limitation of 20,000 words and a maximum of 320K words per monthly basis. Price varies according to the chosen word limit.

Price: 24$ per Month to 332$ per Month

Features of the Starter Plan: 

  • 50 + AI Templates
  • Chrome Extension
  • Support for all 29+ Languages
  • Up to 5 users
  • Email Support

2) Boss Mode Plan

Boss is the real boss plan for all bloggers and content creators as well as marketers. It includes almost all the features of Jasper AI.

It has a long-form editor which was a disadvantage of the previous plan. The plan starts with a 50K word limit and to a 700K word limit at the end.

Price: 49$ per Month to 500$ per month

Features of the Boss Mode Plan:

  • All Starter Plan Features included
  • Google Docs Style Editor
  • Jasper Chat
  • Compose & Command Features
  • An increased amount of content input
  • Long-form content generation
  • Live Chat Support

3) Business Plan

It’s a customized plan made for all teams and businesses. It’s a customized plan so users have to claim the features whatever needed.

It has some extra benefits like Custom AI templates, Workspace admin features, Document Sharing & Permissions.

A dedicated account manager is also provided in the customized plan to manage workflow.

Scalenut Plans

Scalenut also offers three premium plans. Let’s find out the pricing of all the plans of the Scalenut AI tool.

1) Individual Plan

The individual plan itself suggests that it’s made for Individual Creators and consultants. Users have the option of multiple tools usage with all features unlocked in individual plans with a single user seat.

Price: $17 per Month

Features of the Individual Plan:

  • 100,000 AI Words
  • 5 SEO Reports
  • 40 + AI Tools support
  • Write
  • 24 x 7 Email and Chat Support

2) Growth Plan

The growth plan is the best plan for every user. Don’t need any kind of extra benefit plan after choosing a Growth Plan. It’s an unlimited plan with unlimited limits.

Price: $47 per Month

Features of the Growth Plan:

  • All Individual Plan Features
  • Unlimited AI Words
  • 30 SEO Reports
  • 30 Topic Clusters
  • Cruise Mode (Blog in 5 Minutes)
  • Instruct
  • AI Settings
  • Paraphrasing
  • SERP Facts
  • Collaboration

3) Pro Plan

This plan is made for a large-sized team that required admin controls. Dedicated management systems required for large businesses are provided in the Pro plan.

Price: $89 per Month

Features of the Pro Plan:

  • Everything in the growth plan
  • Unlimited SEO Reports
  • 100 – Topic Clusters
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 2 Users Included
  • More users addition costs $49 per user

Bottomline of pricing Jasper AI doesn’t have an unlimited plan while Scalenut has a growth plan.

The main fact about the Jasper AI Boss Mode plan is having 700K plus words but a huge price of 500$ per month, while Scalenut has Unlimited words at just $47 per month on the annual purchase of the Growth Plan.

Free Trial: Jasper AI vs Scalenut

For trying out the features and quality of content in AI writing tools they always provide some short period trials.

Both Jasper and Scalenut have free trial plans so let’s discuss more,

Jasper AI Free Trial

Jasper AI comes with a free trial of 5 Days. The free trial will cost 0$ charges. The free trial includes access to almost all benefits.

The free trial includes 50+ AI copywriting templates, 26 Plus languages support, Google Docs Style Editor, Speak Directions to the AI in documents, and fast chat support. Users can generate 10K words within the free trial.

Users have to take one plan starting from a $24 per month basis and if they don’t love the feature then they can get no question money back guarantee within 5 days time. So making payment at the initial stage is required.

Scalenut Free Trial

Scalenut also has a free trial for 7 days. The free trial plan provides access to Scalenuts all features.

The plan includes 2,000 words limitation of generation with 2 SEO reports. These limitations are very close but users can try out their features in this as their plans are cheaper as compared to Jasper AI.

Users have access to all 40+ AI tools with long-form content generators and Cruise modes.


Jasper AI and Scalenut both are competitors with high competition. They are closer to each other in every segment but still in pricing and SEO benefits, Scalenut is best according to our end.

But if you want more quality over quantity then Jasper is a costly tool with Premium generation

In human readability scores which we did not discuss above, both are at the same stage and hence engagement and other score matters are similar for both.

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